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  1. The power adapter is a bit inconvenient when you are on stage and already have guitar and headphones connected (at least that's what I'm planning to do). Unlike alakaline batteries, the voltage on a rechargeable drops more so before the current capacity expires, which for digital devices, may cause them to stop working sooner than with a Alkaline. I'd be willing to try rechargeables, as long as it won't damage the Pocket POD or void the warranty.

  2. I just bought a Pocket POD and I am looking for recommendations for a pair of headphones that have sturdy cords and good output. I'm using a pair that came with my smartphone (they were handy) and the volume is not very loud when I play through without effects. I'm not looking for expensive $200 versions, but I am willing to spend $50 if they are more durable than a cheap pair and sound good.



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