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  1. One thing that really impressed me in regard to the accuracy of the HD500 was the Deluxe Reverb recorded with an SG and an SM57 in this Youtube




    And comparing it to the HD500 modeled one.  I can't remember what the HD500's settings were but I think I just cranked the gain all the way (like he did) and I don't remember what SM57 sim I used (again I probably just use what came up automatically).  I was able to play each one directly through the same system and speakers at the same time.  They were essentially indistinguishable to me.  If you have the ability to hear this Youtube and the HD500 both through the same system at the same time, then give this a shot.  I think you will be amazed, as I was, at how close they were.  Oh I was also using a Variax with the Special 1 model which I think is the closest to an SG.


    And as I said before, if it sounds good to you it is good.  Forget about what anyone else (especially the "experts") say.  There were many of those "experts" back in the day who kept telling the rock, etc. musicians to "turn it down. It's too loud." and "distortion is bad" among other things.  This doesn't mean if you like the sound you've arrived at, everyone should, or will, like it.  In fact you may be the only one that likes it at the time.  So, make your own sound your own way.  If no one comes to hear that sound then you may want to reconsider it.  But the only people that really count in the  "does it sound good" department are you and whatever people you can get to listen to and like you.

    I agree with you 100%. A prime example is a band called Type O negative, to me they have the worst guitar sound ever but they had a large following so just thought i would chime in. John Petrucci would be an example of something I think sounds fabulous FWIW.

  2. Hello all,


    I am in the process of building a new studio in the house and I am considering ordering the line 6 hd500x rack. I was actually convinced I was going to get it after checking it out but after the gear lust period died down I figured I would come ask a few questions.


    How does this processor compare to amplitube 3 and guitar rig 5? I have been using those and I am happy however they eat up a ton of cpu after awhile and the line 6 would free this up in theory. I just want to make sure the tone is as good or at least close.


    I threw together a quick recording using amplitube 3 for reference (excuse the vocals and production its early and not finished writing it). Can I get a similar sound quality with line 6?




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