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  1. Hi everyone,

    At first I don't know it's a right place for this topic, but I didn't found topics connected with GX so I will write there..

    A week ago I downloaded BIAS FX demo on my laptop worked in Windows 7 and everything was ok, but yesterday I updated Win 7 to Win 10 (you know, freeeee windows) and started BIAS FX. At first start BIAS threw an error "BIAS FX will be closed", but currently it is working.
    The problem is the audio settings, I set up DEVICE as ASIO and trying to set OUTPUT to ASIO GX and it throws me "ASIO Driver Open Failure!", the other settings giving me a cancer because the delays are soo huge and I cannot play like that.

    POD GX is working good with POD Farm, but BIAS FX offers a better sound for me so it's very important to me to play on BIAS,


    HALP!!!   :o


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