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  1. Maybe the new snapshot “features” help some of you but they have made it a lot more complicated for how I use them. I like to set snapshot buttons through the control center so I can put them where I want them. With this new behavior, if I want three snapshots, I have to set all three each time or when I step on one the others change. I’ve tried to find a workaround to make it as simple as it was before but I can’t figure it out. Has anyone found a way to simplify this process?
  2. shoot. I missed that line. Thanks man! will do
  3. Looks like the update that's just been released offers Silicon support finally. Can anyone verify that it runs well on OS Monterey?
  4. I know wisdom dictates to wait but I’m just curious if anyone did it yet and how HX Edit and/or Native are working?
  5. According to this chart it looks the same. https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/
  6. Thanks for all the responses. Thanks especially to codamedia as those settings worked really well for the amp. This post, along with some YouTube videos I happened to watch, actually pointed me back towards the stock cab. I have definitely been of the opinion that the stock cabs were no good and have been using IR's for years. However, when I started using some real metering from inside my DAW (the multimeter in Logic Pro X) and doing some real deal volume matching, I found they sound way better than I remembered. It's always amazing how much volume differences effect your perception of sounds. The stock HiWatt cab sounds really great. I still really like Redwirez IR's but with their HiWatt cab there is something weird in the sound. It's a mid-range honk like a wah pedal left on to my ears. This was only more apparent to my ears when I dialed in the stock Helix cab and a/b'd it with the Redwirez one. Anyway, I love lots of other Redwirez IR's and I'm going to definitely give the stock cabs more of a chance in the future. I especially like how you can get multiple dual cab blocks in a preset to blend mics. This is more difficult and processor intensive to accomplish with IR's unless you buy their IR's mixing software. Thanks again!
  7. The only IR I currently have that's a real HiWatt cab with Fane speakers is from Redwirez. I really like their IR's in general and I like their HiWatt but I feel like it has a weird bump in the mid-range. Not sure if that's a real HiWatt things or just how theirs sounds. For those of you who like this amp, what's your favorite speaker cab or impulse response that makes it work?
  8. I am doing the same thing, using the big sky in a helix effects loop. The only downside to the setup you’re talking about is that everything before the speaker cab block is summed to mono. Part of the glory of the big sky is it’s huge stereo sound. If you want to maintain the stereo image you have to put the loop after the amp and cab. The exception to this would be amp, then big sky in stereo loop, then split to two paths and put 2 speaker blocks. That would keep it stereo and between amp and cab.
  9. ptsmith

    Big Sur

    For what it’s worth, I just got a new MacBook Pro/M1 and it’s working great with HX Edit. Seems more stable actually with less communication drops than with Catalina. Haven’t had a chance to try it more with Helix Native in Logic yet.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I'll submit a ticket and see how it goes.
  11. Lately, one half of the light ring around my tuner/tap button on my Helix floor has stopped working. At first it seemed intermittent, off sometimes and on others. Now it always only lights up half of the ring. Anyone else had this problem? Can anything be done to fix it? I've had this for about 4 years so it's way out of warranty.
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