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  1. PermaFry

    Hd500x Looper Problem?

    Thank you very much silverhead! :)
  2. PermaFry

    Hd500x Looper Problem?

    Well, I do not have an FX Loop on my Amp so is there another way to do it? I have both the Boss and Pod connected but I still connot change from, for example, FS1 to FS2 without changing the already recorded part.
  3. PermaFry

    Hd500x Looper Problem?

    1) Im new to this kind of thing so, how exactly would I hook the wires up for the two pedals? When I hook the Boss up it seems to suck some of the life out of the sound. 2) I have tried that and it still does not work.
  4. PermaFry

    Hd500x Looper Problem?

    Any information? Is there anybody out there?
  5. PermaFry

    Hd500x Looper Problem?

    I just got my HD500x today, its pretty tricky to figure out, but im getting there. I cannot seem to figure out a couple of things so I joined this forum just to ask these 2 questions: 1: Is there a recommended way hook both my Boss RC-300 and my HD500x to my Vox AC-30? I have tried, and succeded, but I am sure whether or not I did it right. I want it so that I can get the best possible sound. There is a footswitch and speaker output on the back of the amp, and a input on the top (of course). 2: My looper on the HD500x is not working when I put it on POST(FS3 light on). I turn the looper on, and then I record a guitar part, but then when I finish and hit play, I cannot hear it, what is the problem? Thanks