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  1. Hi,

    I vaguely remembered a post from youasking for ideas on how to expand Helix's control capabilities.

    I just stumbled over something that may fall into that category, but as it abstracts the looper functionality it is bit hard to describe in ideascale.

    At it's core, my idea is to expand the looper mode to become a more general control mode, where all footswitches can be assigned MIDI control messages and the current looping function and looper output are simply the default option. So for example, if I can turn the loop recording and playback off, I get a MIDI control board I could use to control an external looper, a lighting system, or a DAW.

    Just let me know if you want to see a more detailed description about this and some ideas on how this could be further extended.

    By the way, you guys doing an excellent job with the Helix product line,


    1. Digital_Igloo


      Oh, we're ALL over this. In fact, the whole reason I work at Line 6 is because I pitched this very concept. It's just taken me 8 years to worm my way into a position where cool things like this could take place.


      But... what if you didn't need a DAW at all? Or know how MIDI works? Or DMX? What if Helix just listened to your music and did everything for you?

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