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  1. Excellent reply - thank you. I appreciate that different PA speakers will have a different 'colour' from one to the other, all I want to do is get a fairly good 'neutral' (for want of a better word) feel at home when I programme the Helix - and so really the question was do I be a cheapskate and stick with just using the THR for that patch-tweaking, or will I get a better result using the HS5's (single or a pair) for that (after all, they're not crazy expensive)

    The main thing is size (smaller the better) and cost - we have a baby on the way!  :)

  2. Any thoughts on the Yamaha HS5's, guys?


    I have so far been using my Helix with the aux in on my Yamaha THR 10 - and tbh it sounds great, with a fairly good stereo spread. However, although theoretically as far as I know the THR speakers are 'full range' (at low volume anyway I guess that is?) do you think they would colour the sound compared to say some powered monitors like the Yamaha HS5 speakers? So do I really need some 'proper' monitors, or will the THR do?

    What I don't want to do is set up all my patches at home using the THR, then plug in to a PA for a gig and think 'WTF??'  :unsure:

  3. Personally I'd love to see a smaller FH amp - either as a combo or as a head and cab. So how's this for an idea - if there was such a thing as a FH cab you could plug in the matching FH head...      ...OR your Helix, in which case the cab acts as a stereo FRFR speaker system, similar to the Gemini etc; so one cab would work with two different products...

  4. Seems a real shame that an amp with a wireless receIver built in neees a cable to connect the editing app!! Especially when it's big bro, the FH 1500 has Bluetooth; say you're at the front of the stage wanting to tweak your settings - are you supposed to get a 30ft Lightning cable?? Seems like a bit of an oversight to me - so my question is, is there any form of USB/Bluetooth dongle that will act as a replacement for the Lightning cable, and allow you to use the app from a distance (as opposed to a BT device that just streams sound)?

  5. I have yet to decide between the FH and the Helix, but for me size is definitely an issue - so how about a HEAD AND CAB version? Or better still a Firehawk 1000?? (yep, made that up but a slightly smaller / lighter version would be a deal maker)


    Oh and how's this - awesome fun being able to use an app to deep edit, but not when you're iPhone battery is about to die. So how about a standard USB socket so you can charge your phone / iPad direct from the amp? Line 6, please take note of that last one!

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