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  1. I was very excited yesterday when i came across this product yesterday and went as far as ordering the 75 w model. However i have now cancelled the order. I spent some time listening to some demos last night on youtube and frankly i did not come across one which sounded decent.


    Can any real world owners provide some honest feed back of what tones they are getting out of this device. I still dont understand why they did not use the newer HD models

  2. I do like the look of this system (especially the 75w version).


    I do have a couple of questions.


    I own an ipad and an android phone. Now i like the sound of the tone match but do not have a lot of music purchased from apple. I have music on my ipad but its mostly ripped CD's or music from amazon (as amazon is much cheaper).


    Does this cause an issue. Will it only play or tonematch puchased itunes music.


    Also i downloaded the remote to my samsung galaxy 4 and it works fine and some of my music files but not all. I have a combnation of amazon music and googleplay music but the app only seems my amazon files and not my googlemusic files.



  3. Create your preferred Acoustic model in the Custom position.

    On the screen you will see the window to change the model tuning.


    Raise the 1st to 5th strings by a tone (two frets) ie it is now  'Drop D ' but a Tone higher.



    When you play the Custom model with the Tuning knob in the 'Standard' position the guitar will be in Standard EADGBE tuning.

    Turn the Tuning knob to 'MODEL' and the guitar will be in the tuning you created with the model in Workbench.



    cheers for that - will give that a go tonight

  4. just thought i would add to this old post. I use headphones and have no problem playing to backing tracks through headphones and do not hear the original string pitch.


    The JTV-69 which i had was also surprisingly resonant unplugged - which is clearly a good thing.


    I was actually comparing my new purchase to a 2013 american strat i own and the variax has a lot more sustain and resonance than the strat. I also found out that i could lower the action lower than the strat and have no trace of buzz whatsoever. In fact i could lower the action to the point where it became awkward to bend the strings as they would choke - but still had no buzz anywhere on the neck.


    I am therefore very impressed with the quality of the guitar itself as a well made guitar (this is a korean model)

  5. I picked up a second hand jtv-69 and so far have been very happy with the sound of it.


    I have a couple of questions


    1. the volume knob on my variax is quite lose - it works ok but there is some play in the knob (you can rock it slightly) - is there a way to pop that off and tighten it or is it different to a standard volume knob.


    2. what does the model selector on the alt tuning switch do?


    3. how do i actually store a custom guitar/tuning to a spare space on the variax without overwriting the factory models.


    4. I hear that people criticise the neck of the 69 model - why is that as mine seems great.


    5. any tips that people have over using the variax will be appreciated

  6. I have bought a second hand jtv-69 and am trying to get to grips with it. I have been impressed so far with the sounds i can get out of it. However i note that there seems to be some old posts about the strat modeling on the new HD firmware. Does this effect every owner or just some owners. Also how can i check whether my model has that problem. My understanding is that one of the pickups does not work when set to quack position. I own a usa strat and use bridge and middle position a lot as i play a lot of U2 songs. Now when i played the spank model on the variax i could not get a decent quack sound. However how do i know whether this is simply the modeling of the variax or that the pickup is not working (as these are virtual pickups how does one know whether a pickup is working or not).


    Also what is the fix to this issue. 


    cheers for any help you can provide.

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