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  1. Yes, it is the bean model. So no XLR cable or anything? Just a regular 1/4 inch from the left jack into a DI box?
  2. Question for gearheads out there, because I am very not-knowledgeable when it comes to lollipoping around with gear. Long story short, I've got a show coming up that I recently discovered I may not have an amp for. If I can't get my hands on one in time, is it possible to use my POD HD without a head or cab at all, and just connect that directly to the PA system? I've done some Googling but pretty much every single thread I've found about using a POD in a live setting has been in regards to the HD 500, which makes sense, because that's the one designed for it - but I only have the regular HD, not the 500. The genre of the music I'm playing is very simple and straightforward heavy metal, so I would use one tone for the entire show and not change any settings at all, if that helps. Can it be done? Thanks for any help.
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