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  1. Its been 10 years now that I bought a vetta 2 with fbv and of course used the armin mods.It is still going strong (300 W strong) and is still my favourite amp.


    I would like to thank all Line 6 engineers for developing such a great stabile high quality product. Respect.


    Of course this forum is full of comments about vetta 2s not working anymore but that has more to do with the Line 6 support of discontinued products then with bad design decisions. Here in Europe the price is still roughly 1800 EUR from retailers. For a digital amp that is so old most often the price plummets here it is not the case. Last year it was about 1700 EUR. To me this speaks for the product. I dream that Line 6 could offer at least something comparable in the future. A POD HD500XL with a DT50Hd is just a confusing messy combination where amp emulation on the floorboard and the head emulation can be combined into a real dirty sound making digital emulation look bad.  Of course you could say that you have to know what you are doing but the Vetta 2 was allways critised as being too complex and this is the answer? no.My other issue is far more cables and power supplies ie. not as slick as the vetta2 with fbv.The decision of puting the dsp in the floorboard leads to a size compromise and dsp power limits.With a vetta architecture it was all in the head and the only limitation was the heat of the amplification units that might limit the dsp power you can use but that limit would be much higher than a HD500X. Vetta 2 was just great, unfortunately they did not manage to sell the concept since the pod and later the pod in a floorboard was the cash cow. The spider series is good I guess but once you've used a Vetta 2 you just have to ask yourself why I would go for a spider.Its like buying a bike after having a motorbike.


    my 2 cents



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