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  1. I think that's a great attitude to have Guitarplayer, and I think Line 6 will implement improvements too. Just trying to help 'em rack-and-stack the ideas (based on my wants, of course. ha ha!)

    Thanks for that !! From I've seen on Idae Scale it seems most of us want the same things.


    For now though, I'm just gonna keep rockin.

  2. I agree with you about the limits of just four tones.  This is why I've suggested via IdeaScale for multiple preset banks.  In this way at least, there could be 8, 12, or 16 patches to work from. Line 6 seems interested in this idea in that they have elevated the idea to "in review" status.  Nonetheless, people who think this is a good idea should consider voting for it here:


    Add more preset tone banks to AMPLIFI


    Based on threads here at the forum, it appears an Android app and use for the USB input are among the most requested features.  But for me (and this is just me speaking...), I think the most important things Amplifi needs to do is make the "amp" within Amplifis more robust, dependable and flexible for live application. To me, this means two things initially: first, more preset banks; second, a more robust and dependable bluetooth connection (if that is possible).  Other things come to mind too, but for me these are the top two for a working, useable amp.  Until then, I will be reluctant to take my Amplifi to gigs and favor my old-school Fenders instead.  Being first a reliable and useful amp should be Amplifis starting position -- all the rest are bells and whistles ( cool bells and whistles! ) that should supplement a gigable working man's amp.

    I was on the idea scale site earlier today and voted for just about everything I saw !! LOL


    Seriously though, I think a lot of this stuff will eventually get implemented, it just may take a while for it to happen. In the meantime I'm going to make the best out a really nice sounding amp/sound system. I've really been enjoying just listening to my music library through it. It sounds really good to my old ears !

  3. In a full gig of 3 to 4 hours it might be a bit boring for me and the audience to only have the 4 tones available. The whole reason for getting this amp was for being able to carry everything in in one trip, plug in and go. I haven't tried any pedals in front of the amp yet but I plan on using a wah pedal and maybe a phaser or chorus. It would be nice to have more than the 4 tones but that has been covered elsewhere.


    I'm still experimenting with the setup as my gig doesn't start until the end of May. Hopefully by then Line 6 will have some sort of update to either the FW or the app that will allow more consistent and reliable control.


    Here's hoping anyway !

  4. What do the Line 6 gurus say about breaking in the speakers ? I would like to know the official take on that. I've had mine almost a week now and I've cranked it up since day one. So far I've not experienced any negative sounds.


    Now by saying "cranked it up", I mean to a level of about 50% or so. The 150 gets really loud at that level and I can't think of any situation where I would need to go too far above that level.

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  5. After reading the thread in that link I can defiantly verify that changing apps is a PITA !! I like to use Pro Band and have purchased most of the backing track packs for it. If I start a track playing and then go to change or adjust the tone settings in Amplifi it drops the connection and the music stops, then it reconnects and plays on and I can then fiddle with the settings.


    A real show stopper if you plan on using it live for soloing over the backing tracks in a "Guitar Bar" kind of gig. That's why I got the Amplifi 150 in the first place.


    The work around is to run the output of the iPad into a computer audio interface, record the track into a DAW, bounce the wav file out as a MP3, then copy the MP3 back to the iDevice in its own folder. Then open that folder in the Amplifis music library and jam on. Works great but it is VERY time consuming.


    Oh, maybe a fix is in the works???

  6. This also fixed my issue as well. I even talked to a line 6 tech on Friday and he told me that it was normal to show the version 1.00 !! WTF!!!


    Anyway, mine is updating as I type this so maybe all will be good after it completes.


    Now if we can get more presets and a proper manual....

  7. So far so good with mine. I've had it since this past Thursday and it works well provided you follow certain "rules".


    By that I mean don't change apps on the iDevice, keep the iDevice relatively close, etc.....


    Planning on using mine for a solo gig coming up next month. We will see......

  8. I am curious if the unused USB port has power on it to run a hub with which to power the iPad from?


    Any ideas on this?


    As this amp is so intrinsically tied to an iDevice this seems to me, IMHO, to be a no brainier.


    What say you Amplifi users??

  9. I've read through this thread twice now and have tried all the suggestions to update my FW to 1.00.5. I've even uninstalled the app twice and every time I go into settings in the Amplifi app it says my FW is 1.00 and if I use the reload button (upper right ) it still says I have the latest. I tried to load this version and it starts to then it stops and says the FW is updated after about 7 seconds and tells me to power cycle the amp. I do this and reconnect to the amp and the version still says 1.00 What the hell???


    Have I got a bad unit or what?? Just got it yesterday from Sweetwater.

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