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  1. Firmware is one issue. To update firmware is to fix or improve the core abilities of a products current hardware.

    The Helix has firmware and within its capabilities was signal routing and DSP capabilities, that when it was released, reshaped the way all companies planned their future products.

    One of the key features, of DSP capabilities that Helix sold, was the selection of component base modeling. In the very beginning Line 6 had to choose how they would supply future models. Would they sell packs of models to customers or provide the new models free of charge. They chose free support of new models ( which should be independent of firmware updates ).  The customer reactions to each set of model releases has kept the Helix active on forums and YouTube as well as in publications. This is great for future sales (and of course the Line 6 introductions of spin off products adds to the fervor).

    It is my observation that searches for Line 6 products along with YouTube videos, articles and forum activity have all seemed be be diminishing the longer Line 6 takes between New Modeled additions for the Helix line. Yes owners of the various products are split in what seems to be posted. Some are willing to wait patiently for Firmware improvements, seeing new models as nice but not as important as bug free operation. Others are eagerly awaiting new Models that would help more closely emulate the styles or sounds they are looking for.

    Again, New models should be easier, quicker  and independent of firmware. Nothing beats the ability to try out thousands of dollars worth of equipment in multitudes of combinations conveniently like the Helix.

    More models of cool products, even Line 6 originals that cant be found in real world devices, that is what I think will keep Helix a talked about, center of musical tone discovery tool that will fit into guitar, bass, keyboard and vocal discussions and arsenals. More models more often!

    The expectations of firmware is entitlement only to the extent of : Has the companies promise of advertised features been met by existing software or is further programming required. In this respect I think that Line 6 has met its public responsibility and any further firmware just shows the respect that Line 6 has for its products and the customers that support them.


    Thats my two cents.

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  2. TO all those that work at line 6 in Calabasas, Thank you for your continued efforts in making quality products for musicians.

    Please stay safe today as the fires rage through your area.

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  3. Much has been brought out about making the core code for all HX products unified so that future development can be done more efficiently and to the benefit of all product owners releases. My question is: Would we be able to acquire the artist patches made for the HX Stomp for other HX products like Helix and Helix LT.  HX Effects would of course have issues due to missing amp cab access.

    Has anyone tried to move patches between Helix and HX stomp yet?

  4. Everyone always goes back to the "how many amps does one guy need?" 

    The real answer is each player only needs the amp or amps that fit there niche, style or genre of musical focus.

    Yes, maybe you only need one clean amp and one high gain, but does a Hiwatt and a Mesa dies not cut it for all players.

    From the very beginning my question was: Will Line 6 offer packs of sounds for the user to load? Not, will Line 6 provide every amp ever made installed in the next upgrade. 

    It would be nice to select the amps and pedals I want to take up memory in my Helix. 

    Having Models available from the Line 6 download area for users to pick which they want to try or use for the current musical project.

    Having X number amps  that be stored at a time along with Y number of pedals should allow any user to meet there needs without sifting through the 500 amps and 2000 pedals along with 2000 IR cabs, 90% of which will never be used more than once.

    There are definitely amps and FX that I would love to see in the Helix and some that are in mine that will not be used. I certainly do not fault anyone who requests more features for a product since ion the long run it only makes it better for everyone.

    Its the wait to see how Line 6 chooses to progress and the time it takes for feature upgrades and implementation that sometime tests the patients of us consumers.

    I was really happy that the Mesa IV was added, Always wanted one of those and love the way it fits with my work. I am sure others were bummed that the add on they were waiting for was not in the last update.

    The best suggestion is log into the Idea scale and keep making requests to show that this is a product worth the time to keep updating. 

  5. First let me say that I am very impressed with the new HX concept of modeling.

    The Helix potentially adds a subtle level of play-ability not present in previous models of line 6 pedal boards.

    In looking over the amplifier,cabinet,effects and microphones one key question has come to mind.

    How much ability through model packs or firmware has been planned to expand the stored base of models a user can store and select for patches.

    If you look at the 78 guitar amps of Pod Farm Platinum (before models packs are added) or the 50 HD Models available to Firehawk and HD500X, the Helix has only 45 HX models (amps to select period). It has been pointed out, in other posts, that the list of the models included, although classic in nature, fails to round out the models that customers have been asking for.

    So as new amps, hopefully become available:

    A) does the Helix loose user patch space to store new models?

    B) Is there a limit to how many new models of amps, cabinets, effects or mics that can be added or stored without loosing the initial set of models?

    C) Does this open up a new Line 6 product line of Effect packed processor boxes, to plug onto the effects loops of the Helix, to hold new HD effects groups for future expansion?


    Again, I want to state that I am a huge fan of what Line 6 has produced for musicians. It is just worth pointing out, that although The Minotaur effect in the Helix has been long on my list of requested additions, out of the 70 effects listed in the Helix release 32 are Line 6 originals and not third party requested models. ( Not to say that the Line 6 effects are anything but awesome )(Pod Farm Platinum had 97 effects before the model pack additions 57 were L6 products. So Helix actually has a better third party ratio)


    Helix adds a new selection of mics the mix. This list is very impressive. 16 great mics to choose from.

    The cabinet section is open now which is fantastic. Love the implementation of custom impulse responses.


    All this is before bringing up the missing selection of Bass support found in other products like Pod farm. I have seen many posts that clearly articulate the desire for better bass amp, cab and effect selection. The bass has never been as prominently addressed as the guitar in the POD, Effect Pedal product lines but there has been a long history of forum requests.


    Would like to jump in on the Helix band wagon but would like to have some of the questions of how helix will develop better defined before I rebuild my rig again.


  6. Has anyone used the FX send /return path of the Firehawk Yet ?

    The key question is do you have to connect the return portion ?


    I am looking for a way to have a clean signal from the Firehawk at the same time as my processed outs.

    Since the position of the FX send/return can be placed just after the wah (position of Variax and wah are fixed) in the order map a clean signal should be available at the FX send connections.


    Alternately, the USB out could carry a signal to a DAW using the Driver provided by Line 6. A this point it is my understanding only a "Main Out" processed signal is available for USB. Other companies like Roland have guitar processors that carry both Processed and clean signals over the same USB connection for use with DAWs. Any insights as to future upgrades for Firehawk to provide similar functionality?


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