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  1. why not just buy the whole PCB? its only around 20 dollars. http://www.fullcompass.com/product/435265.html
  2. hey there, I have a few questions concerning the wiring of my 2x12 spider iv combo amp, i purchased the amp at a yard sale, it was pretty much jerry rigged with some random head unit literally taken out from another combo amp. however, it does have the original spider iv head. the reason why he had it set up that way was because of the fact that there was no sound coming out of the unit. i replaced the input jack hoping that would solve my problem and had no luck. i Reset the amp to factory settings and i tried out the tuner with no luck. the speakers work its just the head unit itself. i opened it up and noticed some black spots on the main PCB. I ordered a new one and im hoping it will work. now to my question, i would like to know how id be able to connect the speakers to the original head unit, the original wires have been tampered with, and i have no idea where they go. id like to know if there is some sort of special wire i need to purchase with some sort of bracket. any help is much appreciated! A picture of the inside of someones spider iv 2x12 120v head unit would help, just to compare. hope you guys can help!
  3. If you're Still interested you can purchase parts from fullcompass.com, they have a lot of line 6 replacement parts.
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