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  1. Essentialy the same problem here.

    Upto firmware version 2.70 everything worked perfect.

    I can update the Helix to firmware to 2.71 and 2.80.  With those versions installed however, HX edit mentions no device connected and the application closes a few seconds after startup.

    Helix can be seen as a connected device under Windwos 8 though and audio is transfered under usb as well.

    Back to firmware 2.70 (only with the previous updater) HX edit can connect to Helix again.


  2. Thank you for the video link.

    I just purchased these. Awesome full sounding patches at a very fair price.


    If you read this Mr. Delaune. Should you make a second set of patches. Could you then include a guitar transposed to bass patch like you did for the Boss Gt 10?

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  3. I've tried connecting the Helix with the KPA creating a spdif effects loop between paths 1 & 2 but it produced strange ghost notes,

    Ive ended up connecting thus;


    Guitar --> guitar-input of the Helix --> input path 1 of the Helix set to guitar --> add pre amp effects on path 1 of the Helix --> path 1 out to XLR (main volume at 100%) --> XLR to alternative KPA input --> KPA spdif out --> input path 2 of the Helixset set to spdif in --> add post amp effects on path 2 of the Helix---> Helix 1/4 out.


    The output volume must be controlled by the KPA by marking the spdif link in the output menu of the KPA. 


    Instead of the alternative input you could also use the front input of the KPA connecting this one to a send out of one of the fx loops of the Helix.set to instrument level. 


    Id like to know if others succeeded attempting to create an all digital effectsloop from the Helix.

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