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  1. Well I feel like an idiot for asking this question, but how exactly do use workbench. I know you have to plug in something to the input of the guitar in order to use the battery. So by doing that, where do you get your sound? Also when I plug my variax  into logic Pro X the battery works for a split second then automatically turns off. I'm guessing the only way to use a variax and record with it, Is to use a POD? Which I have. I really feel stupid for asking this question lol


  2. Is anyone else having any sound issues with their other line 6 gear and the amplifi? I have a Pod HD500X and I'm trying to take advantage of the the amp mods on the pod but I feel I'm not getting the best tone...I have the amp on a clean preset and I have the gain and all the other controls off. Any suggestions? 

  3. Yes you can turn off all the amp modeling on the vox it just sounds so bad. So if I want the fx100 to be first in the chain, would I have to plug into what.


    Again thank you for all your help!

  4. It sounds muddy, and I really want to use the Amplifi's amp models while also having access to the looper and some effects on the m13. I was thinking about using my Spider ii amp. Do you think it will sounds better ? But yes I would like the FX100 to be the main effect in the chain, and the m13 kinda in the back round I also have a aby switcher it would be cool to have that in there to so I can turn off the sound in the M13. Sorry if I'm confusing.

  5. (cross post)

    There are different ways you can hook these up depending on what you are trying to achieve.

    I do not have first hand experience with the M13, but I know it's pretty versatile, especially with the assignable effects loop.


    This is one method:

    Guitar >> M13 L(mono) Input >> M13 FX Send L(mono) >> FX100 Guitar In >> FX100 Main Out (L/R) >> M13 FX Return L/R

    This  will take advantage of the M13's assignable FX Loop in stereo.


    Another approach:

    Guitar >> FX100 Guitar In >> FX100 Main Out  (L/R) >> M13 Input L/R

    This puts everything in front of the M13's signal chain, could be useful to take advantage of the FX100's AMP models while leveraging stereo effects from the FX100 and M13.


    If you are plugging into a mono amp and not concerned with stereo, you can replace all the above instances of L/R with L(mono).


    If you have an effects loop on your amp that opens another set of configurations.

    I tried both methods and they dint work :( I'm using a Vox VT20. I really need this to work :( I really need the loop feature 

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