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  1. I found the output tone is much natural while I use Garageband as guitar Amp, i.e. Use selected Amp & Effect in GB but I have to ignore "My Tone" which saved in AMPLIFI when recording.


    Should this be the case as I'm newbie to recording...


    Thanks in advance

  2. I connected my AMPLIFI 150 to iMac via USB and have successfully made my recording on Garageband.


    It works great on clean sound but the recorded distortion sound quality deviated a lot from what i have set in AMPLIFI. The recorded sound is very compressed, too much distortion and with no dynamic at all...

    Do I need some special setup for distortion recording or something I just missing?
    Thanks in advance...  :)

  3. I have an AMPLIFI150 and happy with its tones and jamming function but fustrated when I want to shift tones in one song.


    I am having few questions here,

    1. Would it be possible to use FX100 as pedal control of AMPLIFI 150?

    2. What is the appropriate setup when i want to connect FX100 to AMPLIFI150?

    3. Should I set and save my favourite tones on FX100 and connect to a blank channel in AMPLIFI150? 


    Many Thanks! 




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