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  1. http://line6.com/tonecore/ottofilter.html/


    Auto-wah.... Otto-wah. :0


    Brilliant ! Is it really just a play on words and not based on some old device ? Wow.. totally had me fooled. I thought it might have something to do with those ridiculously overpriced "Bim Oto machines".. or something. After an extensive search, those were the only devices I could find online with a similar name and relating to audio.

  2. Only a metal head would respond to a thread on the Helix by referring to videos of guys twanging through a Fender.


    So basically, what you're saying is the Helix is not for Metal. Interesting. I'm not sure my point is relevant to me being a "metal head" either. I simply said the amount of non-metal pedal demos videos on Youtube far outweighs the amount of Metal there are, which is actually quite true. I also still stick by my statement that the criteria should be if it can do Metal cleanly, then it should be good for just about anything..

  3. I personally don't think there's any mystery to "can it do metal".  95% of all the videos out there on the Helix tend to be oriented toward metal.  The questions are really about, can it do jazz, can it do country, can it do funk/soul, or R&B, or Rockabilly, or Delta blues versus Texas blues versus Memphis blues...and on and on and on.....


    Uhh.. I think it's common knowledge that the amount of non-metal pedal demos videos on Youtube far outweighs the amount of Metal there are. Almost every video I've ever come across are the same.. Some guy twanging on his Les Paul or Stratocaster through a Fender. Isn't there enough of that? I think so. Actually, the new criteria should be "If it can do Metal cleanly, then it can do all of the above mentioned (jazz, country, R&B, etc.)".

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  4.  I have been looking for this tone but it is created with PODxt Live:







    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this download link you provided for use with Pod Farm software ? Wouldn't it be the same to just run a DI with guitar straight into a computer using Pod Farm software, without even using the POD XT Live hardware ? :huh:

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