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  1. has anybody gotten one who ordered from sweet water? I preordered like almost a month and a half ago and still nothing
  2. i think the idea also is that when your not playing you just put it in the charger so its kind of like its always charged
  3. i encountered this a lot until I started using less guitar volume along with the volume pad on in the input settings and just using more master volume to get the overall volume I need. I know it sounds super rudimentary but I found that the helix really works nicely when you effectively manage the volume knobs on guitar/volume pedal. It seems like in a lot of the amps at full volume on guitar and full volume pedal it saturates the signal a little too much and makes it not sound as clear. Hope it helps. Good luck
  4. So does that mean they are looking at a more delayed time for the next round?
  5. I'm just wondering whats going on with the next run of Helix backpacks. I pre ordered one and I was told by my sweet water rep when I ordered it that it should be coming any day? But I've seen on other websites that they expecting them in june!!!
  6. I am confident they have but I've heard Line 6 people say they recommend it for home use. Maybe its not intended to be moved around with a lot. This is what I'm asking. I play in a wedding band and I am frequently jumping and dancing around like a cheese ball all night haha. I need to know if it will hold up or just fall out.
  7. I have my g10 on preorder but I'm a little concerned because it looks like it would be very bottom heavy and I'm wondering if it will put strain on the input jack and/or possibly fall out when dancing or moving around? How stable is this thing performance wise?
  8. ericgross84

    Helix FAQ

    Ok so since tgp page is closed I will ask my questions here lol. Probably easier without all the bickering anyway. Here goes 1)I have a question for helix owners. Which non matched combinations of amp and cabs have you experimented with? What are the pitfalls and advantages of using some non matched sets? I'm particularly interested in combinations of the more botique-ish amp heads such as the interstate, divided duo. Also I'm wondering what are some good combos for using amps with double cabs? Anybody have any presets of these kinds they could share and describe? 2)DI you mentioned blending mics on tgp. I'm not sure I understand how to do this on a cab on the helix. Can you clarify? 3)I tried using global eq with the high cut as suggested to help the tone. However I felt that the other default global eq settings were not optimal. I don't have much of a sound engineering background. I'm using an l2t and k12s for foh. Is there any someone could suggest a basic global eq settings that include the high cut and would work for most situations with these speakers. I understand every room is different and I should use my ears. I'm not looking for specifics so much as some basic guidelines to go by. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. ericgross84

    Helix FAQ

    Is there a way to set the helix so that when you turn on a new block, the settings for that effect show up with it? Or maybe just a shortcut or something. I'm finding it is kind of disorienting when you throw on an effect and can't see what it is currently set at. I know I can use pedal edit mode but sometimes it is hard to coordinate holding that switch down and then selecting the effect.
  10. ericgross84

    Helix FAQ

    This is a question I asked a little while ago but never received a response I think i got buried in one of the post video threads lol I noticed in the video one of the staff using a Livid guitar wing midi controller. Is this a viable option for switching presets/patches wirelessly? Livid wing sends and receives MIDI through USB so how would that work?
  11. Interesting choice of date for release, Ill just leave it at that
  12. ericgross84

    Helix FAQ

    Can the helix be controlled via the livid midi guitar wing for changing patches or anything else? Looks like that was being used in the video.
  13. ericgross84

    Helix FAQ

    New video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O5e8AD9iwQ woot!!
  14. ericgross84

    Helix FAQ

    Are there any plans to create a way to switch patches wirelessly in the helix?? Even if its only with the JTV I would go out and buy one for that use. I play in a wedding band where being out in front of the crowd is preferred for me but I keep having to run back in the middle of the song to change from clean to distortion. Obviously this isn't planned for at launch but it would be awesome to know if its at least in the thought phase.
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