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  1. Playing with it a little more, tap tempo works on the board. You can see it changing in the app when you tap it, it's not lighting up on the board however. 


    Started noticing lag a little switching between presets, but the app was open on my phone. Once I turned my phone off it was back to a lag free experience.


    This thing is really nice. Wish the preset description would scroll across the screen so you could see the full name. For long titles it's cut off. 

  2. just got mine in the mail today. Only have an amplifi TT to use it with, getting the firehawk 1500 as a present to myself for my birthday.


    Thing seems to be well built. As others have mentioned, with the amplifi the lights aren't color coded, only red for effects. Also the tap tempo button doesn't work on the board. Not sure if I'm missing something on that.


    Not sure if the function button does anything with the amplifi either, but I've only messed around with it for about 20 mins. Seems to do patch switches fast, no lag switching between them like there is using only the iPad. 


    Seems like it's more of a controller for the firehawk 1500 than for other products. Pilot's guide is only instructions for how to use it with the 1500.

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