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  1. Super. innovative. way.

    Used like 30 years already. :D


    Chad is good sales man - he called well known technique "OTB" and everybody want to try OTB - "super innovative way to produce a very usable tone on the Helix without using CabSims or IR's."



    "- Have you ever tried parametric eq as a speaker sim?

    - Pfffff. It sucks. Why would I do this in IRs era?

    - But have you tried Chad's OTB?

    - Sure. It's awesome and very innovative!"


    This article could help to tune eq block and turn it into "Virtual Speaker Cabinet":

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  2. Not only the time is a cost, the experience also!

    Exactly! :)

    As for me - I like to share my experience. If I did cool patch for myself (or at least I think it's cool ;) ) it's a pleasure to me to share it with everybody.

    And actually this is what I do for Ukrainian/russian speaking Helix community. :)

    Many people post youtube videos where they explain how to build patches. (like Chad Huskey -


    They are spending time on creating patches, they are spending time on video recording, narrating, editing, etc. just to share they experience with everybody for nothing.

    Much appreciate their work.

  3. When I started with Helix, I was really disappointed with factory preset.

    So I decide to create by myself starting from zero applying my knowledge.

    I was really satisfy of my Job, I made a live video of my band and many people ask me to buy the patch


    All my patches are made expecially for live usage, with snapshot and real time effects.

    I spend lot of time to create them and I think it is correct to ask a small fee.

    Many people use my pacthes to learn to use Helix, they ask me support and modifications.

    It is the same situation to pay for guitar lessons.




    But patches are already DONE.

    First of all you did it for yourself.

    Why ask "small fee" for these patches? To compensate time which you spent on doing something for yourself? :)

    It's not the same as paying for guitar lesson at ALL, as in case of a guitar lesson teacher spend his own time exclusively on you. :)


    No offense.

    Just don't understand this kind of thinking.

  4. Keep global equalizer flat.

    Tune patch using cut on cab.

    Use global cuts in case you connect helix to acoustic system other than you used for patch tuning and in case you feel you need to cut something :).

  5. Can you say where is the info is on where IR's use more DSP on Helix than the included cabs do? I haven't seen this information and assumed that the "cabs" included with Helix are nothing but IR's themselves.

    I've read it there, mate:


    Look for "Helix Hybrid Cabs" article.


    here is a quote:

    "We call the speaker emulations in Helix “hybrid cabsâ€, because they use a number of proprietary algorithms to reproduce the same frequency and dynamic accuracy typically seen in a 2048-point impulse response, but at far lower DSP usage."

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