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  1. Hi,


    I have a working set of the G30 transmitter and receiver.


    I recently bought a separate G30 receiver and tried to connect it with the transmitter, which failed (same channels on transmitter and receiver). I always have 3 red LEDs on the receiver for the signal strength.


    What could be the reason for failing to connect?







    I have a similar issue.  I lost the original receiver unit at a gig and had to purchase a replacement.  I was under the impression that any receiver on the right channel would work.  I get 3 red led for transmitter signal but no sound or audio led no matter what channel I put the devices on.  Any help would be appreciated.


    is it on the same frequency? RF1/RF2. 3 red bars on the "receiver" usually means wireless interference

  2. an authorized dealer here in Singapore. unfortunately, the upgrade requires access to an xd-v75. if you have access to one or know any shop or person willing to lend you the device, you can upgrade it manually by following the instructions on the link below


  3. I want to make sure my Relay G30 transmitter is in RF2 mode. I bought it used. 



    I tried following the directions where you turn it on and line from channel 6 to channel 1 quickly, but I don't ever get the blue light to flash. What am I doing wrong? I just want it in RF2 mode. Thanks!


    It means your unit is using an old firmware and it is not RF2 capable. Line 6 messed up the shipping of a lot of "brand new" G30 devices before. I bought mine new and it even came with the RF2 enabled note. It turns out it is not and had to go back to the shop to have it upgraded.

  4. I actually prefer the USB option. I have a voodoo pedal power 2 plus which only has 8 plugs. I need those for my pedals! What I do have tons of is USB chargers and cable which I can stick into the power outlet on the voodoo. I suppose having both options would have been even better for the folks out there, just would add to the price I suppose. (Version 2?)


    you can use a splitter cable or a shorter daisy chain to feed 2 or more pedals using a single output from your pp2+. just make sure that the output current can supply all the pedals. this is what i do and i don't want another charger/cable running out from my board (4CM routed to amp and 1 power cable from PP 4x4). that extra usb cable/charger is just an additional hassle in my opinion.


    i'm using a G30 and i can use the 9V output from the PP 4x4

  5. Is it possible to assign one amp to a footswitch, so that it can be turned on and off?


    yes. i use this on a dual amp setting to toggle in between amp/paths (clean and driven amp). unfortunately, the switch between the 2 path is not seamless. if you are continuously playing, you will hear some sort of sound disturbance (not sure how to describe this) as you switch between the clean and driven amp.

  6. After sending the patch from HD500 edit software to the device, press save twice on your HD500x. This will ensure that the settings are completely saved on the device.

  7. i'm using rechargeable batteries. the only disadvantage is that you can't rely on the battery meter anymore due to the way it reports the current charge. i'm using panasonic eneloop pro and it lasted for a total of around8 hours. up to the moment it died, the battery meter was displaying 3 bars.

  8. Hey everyone.


    I've encountered some sort of bug when assigning effects to footswitches using the editor software for my Hd500x.


    I notice that when I change assignments on foot switches, they don't immediately work and nothing really happens until I change to a different preset, and the presets in my bank get confused and play wrong presets.


    the LCD display on the pod itself (while editing footswitch assignment in the editor) says something like "assign etc etc" where the preset name would usually be. Then while the presets are "confused" the title displays the wrong preset name.


    usually at this point I would hit one of the bank buttons and change to a different bank and then back again, and most the time it would come back to normal. Sometimes it doesn't and I end up unplugging the pod and starting over.


    it's a relatively new device, I've had it for a little over a month and everything's up to date with no new packs added. Has anybody run into a problem like this or have any kind of solution?


    thank you in advance!


    Your pal, Al


    yes. you just need to press "save" on the unit after you press "send" on the edit software.



  9. I was pondering this same exact question.  It's been hard to justify buying the metal pack for the sole purpose of having this amp model, unless it is a very close match to what was on the X3 for Lincoln's tone.


    Any Brewster fans care to comment on if they've tried it out and found it to be a close tonal match?


    i think it was close. i tried just the amp when i bought the pack and tried to dial in a nice tone out of it. i'll try to experiment later when i have time

  10. 2.62 and the model packs are now live for POD HD500, HD Pro, and HD Bean users.


    HD500X and HD Pro X users should also update to 2.62, as it fixes a bug.

    was it the eq bug that was fixed? may i suggest listing the detailed bugfix/changelog on the firmware description in the downloads section?

  11. I didn't install 2.62 yet, but I ran hd edit version 2.26 and it still has the non-valued dep parameters, which the download page claims is fixed.

    same here. i'm using a different pc, installed hd edit 2.26 and the cab dep parameters still doesn't show the percentage.

  12. Just updated my HD500X, Firmware, Flash memory and the HD500X Edit app. So far.. all good. But I did notice one issue. When you are adjusting the Low Cut Cab DEP, you no longer see the Hz value of where you are setting the cut to. Can anyone else confirm this?


    Not a deal breaker for me - I do it by ear for the most part - but it was a nice feature to have.

    yup. i can confirm this happens on my end as well. you may want to open a ticket with line6 support regarding this issue


  13. After installing firmware 2.61 and loading the full amp packet I noticed that when I am tweaking the amp/cab DEP knobs I can't see their percentages on my POD HD500X Edit software. 


    yup. the parameters in the cab doesn't show the values in the edit software when you turn the knobs. i had to look at the pod unit's screen to see what the exact values are while i turn the knob in edit.

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