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  1. Hey everyone. 
    Im trying to set up my Helix LT to run both acoustic and electric, separate presets for each with electric on wireless feeding the guitar input and the acoustic also on wireless feeding return 1

    I can have the input set up as Return 1 on the Acoustic presets and output the 1/4 jack to a DI box. 
    The electric inputs on the Guitar and out the XLRs. 

    that stores per preset which is fine.

    However I can only have the tuner set to guitar or return 1 but not both... 

    Anyone have a work around without having to use a separate tuner on one of the instruments. 

    Thanks for any help...




    However I'd hate to be that guy that bought the Helix just to use the effects through their traditional amp setup.  This might make me have an aneurism!!!



    I am that guy, 

    I bought the helix for the fx and its ability to switch real amps, and the sheer amount of routing options, snapshots etc .

    I think even when just used for its fx its well worth the money. 

    if you were to buy half the actual pedals that are modelled in Helix it'd cost you 10 times the price...

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  2. Thanks Phillip have tried cali also, just like that little bit of 'hold'(sustain on the notes) that the boogie can give you.Im sure I'll get it eventually!!!



    I've been using it a lot recently and I find its very good, just need to dial it right and use some kind of overdrive in front to boost it. a compressor infant that help with that sustain problem too when running direct. 

    Its a very different experience playing a model through studio speakers or headphones then running a real amp at volume. 

    you can't set the model the same as you would the real amp to get that same kind of feel. 

    But tonally I can assure you that the CaliIV is very authentic to the boogie sound

  3. After you did the mod, did you just run a regular cable or a trs cable? Also one other question, do you use this for wah? I really want one for wah. I have the all in one unit and I don't like the sweep of the built-in pedal. It feels food foe volume and whammy but not wah. If this works, I'm ordering one like in 10 minutes!! LOL! Thanks for the help in advance!!


    i had made up TRS patch cables before i got the Morleys so i used those i believe that a regular mono TS cable would work fine


    i like the travel on the morley pedals, i have a bad horsie and and little alligator so was familiar with the feel and travel

  4. I'm still having a problem with adding or changing blocks while the control and exp pedals are connected . 
    if i try to add or change the model of a block while the control and my 2 expression pedals then the Helix rack will freeze and i have to turn it off and on again. 
    i don't have this issue if i leave the control switched off while editing ...

    thought that was fixed with the latest firmware

  5. In the upper left corner of the "Reply" window, the third icon (next to the "Font" drop down) is for "Special BBcode". Click that, then select media, then paste your URL into the appropriate dialog box.

    Ah excellent. Thanks.

  6. Hey Philip


    Most Current Production MESA Amps share ground between all of the switching jacks... the problem is that the Helix uses open collector transistors (as opposed to mechanical relays) to switch to ground which most amps don't like... 


    I guess that the G-system uses the same transistor set-up


    I hope this helps






    Yeah its obviously not something thats gonna be fixed with firmware so i guess i'll just figure out a way to do my switching with either a midi device or just use the original footswitch.

  7. I used a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher for switching of remote stuff.  It has four fully isolated switches and is controlled either by program change to set all four at once or you can change the switches individually using CC messages. At the minute I'm using it to control the footswitches of a GR-20 and it works perfectly




    from chatting to a friend of mine who was using a G-system to change channels on a Mark IV he reckons its something to do with the EXT Amp Control in the Helix sharing a ground ,where the mesa switching requires isolated grounds for each of the switching jacks

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  8. with my old HD500 i used to have every patch with a volume pedal set at minimum 80% so when the pedal was back that was my base rhythm level, then for solos i have 20% more volume on tap when i need it , 
    I've done the same with the helix. 
    i don't do a lot of volume pedals swells so having it go 0-100% is never really necessary. and the tuner mutes if i need to change guitar or just silence the sound.
    works for me. 
    you can check it out in action in the thread i just posted a few minutes ago. 


    Thought since I've been wrecking your heads with questions since i got the Helix a few weeks back i better post up some examples of it in use

    These are the first batch of patches I've put together for my main gigging band. 

    we play a lot of weddings and club gigs, so i need a wide range of tones, and also a quick and easy setup. 


    anywhere please check out the video and let me know what y'all think of the sounds. 



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  10. The NUX PMS-2 looks like it works like my RJM Amp Gizmo by saving the switch state to whatever MIDI program change (PC)/patch (0-127) the MIDI controller is on.  There are conveniently 128 Helix presets in each setlest to correspond to the 0-127 typical MIDI program patches.  You can also change Helix default alpha-numeric patch numbering to numeric MIDI type (see pics).


    For example, Helix patch 01D will send MIDI PC 003.  So basically setup a Helix preset and the desired switches on the NUX PMS-2, then press Save on the PSM-2.  Then when you call up that Helix preset, the PSM-2 will receive the corresponding MIDI PC to the Helix preset and recall the switch state.


    And dang, $41 on Amazon for the NUX PMS-2?  I would certainly grab one if I didn't have two RJM amp Gizmos already.  Sure would beat building a relay box!  Anyway, all of my amps need 4-8 switches, so I never thried the Helix EXT AMP control.




    yeah that little box does look like it could be very useful.

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  11. Mine crashes quite a bit but usually only when editing (from the helix itself), probably more than 10 times so far.


    Only crashed once while not editing.


    yeah its always happened when trying to add a block. and only when the controller and expression pedals are connected. if i leave the control off then i can build and edit a patch, save it then turn on the control and assign the switches and expressions etc

  12. I had problems with my Friedman BE100 while switching channels via EXT Amp out (helix espession pedals got crazy ) , but made by myself one of those 9v powered relay switchers and now it works great. Anyway had to reduce voltage to 4V on 5v relays and it works great now :-).I've got some schematics if you are interested.. Also use  moded CV out with help of tiny FED transistor (hidden in jack plug) , to switch my HBE booster on Friedman.. Also works great..


    have you a link to how you did that with the CV out ? 

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  13. Im Using a Mesa Formula preamp and it has 1/4" jacks to switch Rhythm/Lead1 , Lead2 and EQ . 3 mono jacks and a regular stereo footswitch will switch between Rhythm/Lead1 and Lead2 and i assign EQ to Lead2 automatically so i figured that the Helix would be able to switch just the channels using its EXT AMP control. 
    Now it does switch the channels but theres some weird issue where when i set a footswitch to control the Tip switching it does engage the Rhythm channel but when you turn it off it should change to Lead1 and the light does light up on the preamp but no sound comes out. 
    If i then turn on the Ring switch it turns on Lead2 and that is fine. 
    it seems to be an issue with the 2 channels that share the 1 1/4" jack. 
    Very Frustrating. I'm gonna have to bring the mesa footswitch to my gig for the moment til i can figure this out. 
    Have seen some people recommending the NUX PSM-2 Midi remote switch to switch channels via midi.

    Can you set a footswitch on the helix to send out midi instructions ? 

    Thanks for any help or suggestions. 

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  14. Mine Froze several times today as i was creating a patch. i would try to add an fx block and when id select the effect the unit would freeze . 
    very frustrating as I'm gonna be gigging it for the first time this weekend so need to get it set up and ready. 
    i did notice it seemed to happen when the Helix control was connected, if i disconnected the Controller then i was able to add and edit the patch without it freezing. 
    I have 2 expression pedals connected to the Helix control . 

  15. Great! Expression pedals are all over the map, and some simply aren't compatible with Helix at all. Glad you got it sussed out.  :)

     Thanks, I've definitely voided the warranty on the pedals but id rather they work with Helix then worry about the warranty 

  16. hi guys, i just got a pair of morley M2 passive expression pedals that i plan to use with my Helix. 
    Problem is when i try to assign one to the volume pedal block for example and i use the learn controller function. the pedal goes from 0 to 100 and back to 0. 
    i saw on a previous post someone rewired their volume pedal to work, but the Morley doesnt have a traditional pot but rather a slider inside, now it still has 3 poles, I've tried jumping the ring and sleeve together but that didn't work.
    i've tried it with a standard mono patch cable and also a stereo cable, all produce the same result. 
    0-100-0 . 

    Anyone any ideas what i can do to get them working ? 

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