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  1. Hi Robert,


    I've just woken up to your rather open ended question: what? I can't be sure about this, but as I hardly ever post on Line 6 forums, I assume you are referring to the spurious text that has appeared recently on one of your posts. I'm not sure if I caused this but, if so, please accept my sincere apologies. In addition, I have removed the two words and marked the post as modified.


    [Have since removed posting as it makes no sense - contains quotation only]


    I don't see any other issues but please contact me if I have misread the situation or can help in some other way.





  2. On 4/6/2018 at 7:33 PM, Sussexslinger said:

    Has anyone had good results using the Firehawk with an amp (either in the loop, or clean in the front) by selecting "no cab"?

    I was thinking of using the effects loop so that for some patches, I could use the my amp's tone and select "no amp" & "no cab". For other tones, I would keep the effects loop switched off, use an amp tone (e.g. Fender amp for country stuff) but still select "no cab". Obviously some EQ-ing would be needed, but I'm hoping it could be a versatile setup.


    Yeah, FireHawk direct to amp works fine for me. I'm playing a limited edition Variax connected to the FH as appropriate ( i.e. via Variax connector). I'm using the sounds pretty much as is but have downloaded some and built some from scratch - no problems - although why there is no PC interface beats me. I drive the amp in stereo using the 1/4" outs and output mode set to line. My current amp is a cheap ProSound Stereo 400W amp driving 2 x 200W RMS cabs. There are only volume controls set at approx. 25% - no tone control - that's all done in the FH. So far so good. No drop outs and will ptobably add another stereo amp amd speakers quite soon (which will bring the main outs into play). I use BT for programming only.


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