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  1. Oh I see. That's completely different from what I thought its functionality was.
  2. I'm sorry Uber Guru but I still don't understand how to apply the preset from the POD 2.0 to the FB4. I understand saving it on the POD 2.0 to bank 1A (for example). Once I do that, how I do I assign that to Channel A (for example on the FB4)? Thanks, Steve
  3. Uber Guru: Thanks for the reply. So if I save the preset as 1A in the POD 2.0, how do you set the FB4 A channel to reference that setting? Also, if I'm in a different setting on the POD 2.0 and want to jump to the saved preset, can I simply press Channel A on the FB4 and it will know what to switch to? Steve steve.scovill@gmail.com
  4. It was my understanding when I bought my POD 2.0 and the FB4 that you could save customs settings from the POD 2.0 to any of the 4 channels on the FB4. Reading the manual (yeah, I actually had to do that), I don't see that mentioned. Am I missing something? Can someone help and let me know how to do it assuming you can. Otherwise, what good is the FB4?? Thanks, Steve steve.scovill@gmail.com
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