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  1. Hello all,


    I was wondering on some opinions about something I was thinking about...I own a FX100 pedal and was wondering if where to place it...meaning in front my amp or in my effects loop (not knowing if you can).


    My thinking is (and correct me if I'm wrong) that the pre-amp section of a amp is pretty much the sound of that amp(which ever amp that is) and the power section just amplifies the sound.


    So since the fx100 is an amp/pedal effect modeler would it be correct to put it the effects loop and use the power section to basically as a straight amp?


    I've read that delay and reverb pedal should be in the effects loop and distortion, overdrive should be in front of the amp, so would using the fx100 be defeating that theory or not?

  2. I was wondering how to really use my fx100 in reference to my amplifiers, I have a Marshall DSL40C as well as a Blackstar HT Club 40


    Since the fx models tone with different amps pedals etc., how are we suppose or theory on how to set your amps?......bass,middle,treble,reverb


    Do you use only the clean channel?


    Is it right to say that your amp your using just be use to amplifiy what your sending from the



    Also sine the fx100 is connected in series is the sound going into the amps always dictated by the last modeling that was use or does it start out in a bypass mode?


    Better yet is there a bypass mode in the fx100?

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