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  1. Ive just filled it out. Web link is here for those that haven't seen it: https://bit.ly/2JGVYLh
  2. I would love to see any of these come to reality. I think the easiest thing for them to do is probably number 10. If the now discontinued Variax acoustic and Variax bass models were made available for purchase it would cost them very little and expand the range of all the JTV and Variax standard sales out there. I think a lot of the users of the forums would buy them - come on Line 6, Variax is due a little love.
  3. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    GAK have given me great service (three cheers for Roy) and have collected the amp to send it off for repair. They will then offer me the option for a refund or keep the amp depending on what the tech comes back with...
  4. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    No, I'm afraid not, the printing is unreadable. It's only because I know what the Electro Harmonix logo looks like that I know it's an EH at all... this is is the one that red-plated.
  5. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    Hi. Thanks for the response, and the questions. The EL84s look to be Electro Harmonix EL84EH tubes but the text has worn off them and numbers are unreadable. The other tube is Electro Harmonix 12AX7EH 1305. Serial number on the amp is (21) A913M6145001809. Not it sure how old this makes this amp? If they are the original tubes then a re-tube and bias should certainly be in order. I bought it used from a reputable UK dealer (GAK) and have 14 days return if there are issues. I'm thinking there's no way they will FOC the checks you list above. I'll ask them tomorrow and then return it to them if they won't play ball. I'll let you know how I get on.
  6. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    OK, it's arrived, I've plugged in and this does not look or sound right: The cracks and pops you hear are what I heard. Really loud for the last two seconds hence I stopped recording and switched it off. I'll be in touch with the seller tomorrow to see what they say. Anyone here had this? If it's the valve should I get the seller to pay for re-biasing or if I just go with an Electro-harmonix one is it bias free? I come from 'Mesa-land' where we just buy the right valve and never need to bias. Thanks
  7. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    HD500x and JTV '59 along with a 1983 Fender Flame and a partscaster tele. I have a gig on Friday this week so won't have time to set up all my patches for L6 link with any confidence beforehand. I'll go 4CM for now as the pod is already set up for that. The plan is that the DT25 replaces an ageing Mesa Nomad.
  8. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    The name Middlesex is derived from the old English 'Middle of the Saxon kingdom'. We also have Essex (East Saxon), Wessex (West Saxon) and Sussex (South Saxon). I live in the middle of the South Saxon kingdom., quite different from the south of the Middle Saxon kingdom. Strangely we don't have a Norsex - no-one knows why...
  9. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    GAK to the rescue! £329 for a second hand one, being delivered on Saturday. expect lots of head-scratching and banal questions...
  10. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    I nearly pulled the trigger on that one in St Albans but logistics weren't good for me. Glad it's gone to a good home. My search continues...
  11. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    Thanks Matt, I'll keep an eye out for a second hand one there, GAK and Guitar Guitar. Can't really justify new £££.
  12. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    Thanks Matt, but not in Mid Sussex...
  13. Fenderflame

    Wanted DT25 combo Mid Sussex UK

    Hi All just in case anyone here is looking to sell, I'm looking to buy... thanks david
  14. Fenderflame

    POD HD500X Output Mode Simultaneously Using XLR and Mono Out

    Hi Just... I use my HD500x in the FX loop using the four cable method and a JTV Variax guitar. The POD's 1/4" left output goes to the amp and the XLR left out goes to the PA. we use a Soundcraft Ui16 mixer so I can put a cab model on my guitar channel in the mixer and it sounds pretty good. It also means I can turn the amp's output down quite low if we are playing a small venue to keep stage volume down. My singer is quite relieved. I pan all my 'electric' patches hard left and all my acoustic patches hard right. The XLR right goes to a second channel on the PA mixer and a leave a dummy jack in the 1/4" right output. So all electric guitar sounds go to the amp and PA channel 1 and all the acoustic sounds go just to the PA channel 2. This works really well for me. Hope this helps...
  15. Fenderflame

    Potential new member of the POD family with some questions

    Hi All. I set up a new set list and copied everything across and then set up the panning. Works like a dream. Even 5 years back I wouldn't have dreamed I'd ever have a rig that sounded this good and was this flexible. Thanks for all your help.