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  1. Well,I ordered the shortboard. It arrived with  the pedal completely broken away from the board.  Waiting now to see if the company I ordered it from will refund or what.  I have already been told it was the last one they had so it cannot be replaced and Line 6 is discontinuing so they cannot get another.  Doesn't sound good.

  2. I have the Spider IV 75.  I am trying to decide between the FBV expressMKII or the Shortboard MKII.  Iknow there is a little more functionality with the shortboard, but how usable is just the express?  Will be usingit mainly for playing live,  Is the express enough for a run of the mill not used to midi guy like me?  Or is the shortboard so much better it is no comparison?


    I guess I need to know how much more control does the shortboard give me truthfully.

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