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  1. 6 hours ago, FilipeBarcelos said:

    During the Helix LT firmware 2.92 update my laptop shut off to install the windows 10 update, and now the Helix has like a corrupted screen image, any tips on how to fix?



    Turn off the Helix and close all line6/audio software.

    Reinstall HX Edit (2.92) - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked.

    Start the Helix with FS6 and FS12 pressed (update mode) and start the update again.


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  2. Maybe you use different output settings for path 1 and 2 - multi for one path and a single output block(Xlr / 1/4, ...) for the other?

    Depending on the global settings this can lead to diffrences in the volume on headphones.

  3. 10 hours ago, glc666 said:

    Hi, I have the same problem. Do you resolve? My helix floor is not connected


    Sometimes I had the same problem after an update.

    What works for me:

    Uninstall all line6 stuff and reboot the computer.

    Then check in the Windows device manger for hidden devices and uninstall all unnecessary drivers from USB sticks and USB hard drives,...

    (To many loaded drivers can sometimes cause problems on a USB port) But don't delete any important system drivers!

    Reboot again and install HX Edit  - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked.


  4. " Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode! with the sine waves moving below it." - This may take a while(20 minutes) when you update from 2.3 to 2.9


    Try theses steps if you still have problems:

    Turn off the Helix and close all line6/audio software.

    Uninstall all line 6 software and drivers and reboot.

    Reinstall the HX Edit package (2.92) - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked.

    Start the Helix with FS6 and FS12 pressed (update mode)

    Start the LINE 6 Updater.


    (...don't use a USB-HUB, try annother USB-port

    if it still does not work use annother computer for the update)

  5. I had problems updating my Helix Floor from 2.91 to 2.92 (I Have tried to update in HX Edit and with the Line6 Updater).

    After the backup there was always an error message and the Helix lost connection.

    I have uninstalled everything (HX Edit, all line 6 drivers).

    After a reboot I have installed the HX Edit 2.92 package again and I was able to finish the update.

    ...maybe it's a similar problem

  6. 30 minutes ago, Helicksher2 said:

    I understood that the drivers were installed automatically when you installed HX Edit, am I wrong about that?

    You are right.

    Disconnect the Helix and reinstall HX Edit (when you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked).

    I would also try annother port (sometimes the Helix is a little picky)

  7. You don't need a battery, when you use the Helix Ethernet port. It's then powerd by the Helix.

    Do you use different presets for the Variax and regular guitar? Then maybe the output settings (if you use Multi or XLR, 1/4) could affect the headphone volume depending on the global headphones settings.

    If you use the same preset, there should be no difference, when the external FRFR volume is fine.


    " - PS when is 2.9 coming out? :-) "

    This year, ...maybe :)

  8. "Make sure that you close HX Edit first.  You can't have both applications running at the same time."(VirtualGuitars)

    If that does not work:

    Disconnect the Helix. Reinstall HX Edit 2.82 (and all included drivers) and try again.

    ... or try a different USB port

  9. If the scrolling function does not work in any menu it could be a hardware issue.

    You can try a factory reset  (Holding footswitch 9+10 on boot). Don't forget to backup!

    Maybe this fixes the problem, otherwise open a support ticket.

  10. For headphones volume use the Phones knob. The big volume knob is only for 1/4, XLR and digital outs.

    You can change the settings for the other knob (joystick) in the global settings > preferences > Joystick encoder

  11. The advantage to using Snapshots instead of Presets is, that you have no breaks. If you load a preset, it takes about a second to load and it is muted at this moment.

    ...So not suitable to quickly switch between solo and rhythm parts

  12. Rebuilding all presets every boot could caused by old factory presets. Do a factory reset ( Holding footswitch 9+10 on boot )to update this presets. Don't forget to make a backup!!! Then restore you backup (without the old  factory presets)

    The rebuilding process should than only appear once after the update, ...or when you have edited/saved a preset

    Maybe the reset also fix your joystick problem. can also change the joystick behavior in the global settings(new feature in 2.8)


    In HX Edit, open the File menu and select Create Backup. I don't know if this works with firmware 2.21/2.53 (I think the feature has been added in 2.3). Otherwise you have to export your setlist/bundle(=all setlists) and IRs in HX Edit. ...For the backup, HX Edit version and firmware version should be identical.

    ...2.82 is currently the most modern





    2 hours ago, kerryhall1 said:

    How do I get from snapshot mode into looper mode? I tried pressing the mode button, and it basically just toggles between snapshot mode and then just showing 8 blank foot switches. (Why are those blank?)



    Maybe you have not assigned any effect blocks?

    You can assign a button to the looper in stomp mode by pressing the menu button(next to the save button) > Bypass Assign


    ...if the mode button still isn't working sadly then I would try a reset(dont't forget to make a backup)

    Holding footswitch 5+6 on boot restores Global parameters

    Holding footswitch 9+10 on boot restores presets, setlists, globals and IRs (restores factory bundle) "THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS



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