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  1. On 8/21/2019 at 9:16 AM, DrBob777 said:


     So can I upgrade from 2.30 to 2.8.1 in one go? An answer from preferably non-lollipops would be appreciated



    Yes you can. Do a backup in HXEdit 2.3. Close all line6 software, turn off or disconnect the Helix.

    Then download/install HX EDit 2.81(all you need is included).

    Read the update instructions, turn on/connect the Helix and start the Line 6 updater.

  2. I use a dbx driverack PA (+ Driverack RTA-M) between the Helix and my PA speakers.

    It was not cheap, but it works well to get a good FRFR sound with PA speakers / in different rooms.

    With the RTA-M and the 8 band autoEQ you can measure the boxes easily.

    ...too bad the Helix has not intigrated something like that, the global EQ is not very useful for me

  3. 6 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:


    Here's the thing though...3.0 can't be that far off. Just for the sake of argument, let's say it's a year out from now. What's the point of traveling back such a short period of time? I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not exactly salivating at the chance to relive last summer. I might go check out the Battle of Waterloo, or watch the aliens build the pyramids... hell, if you're gonna time travel, may as well go see something worth looking at. ;)


    another bug in 3.0  ;)

    ...Waterloo and aliens in 3.1

  4. Did you try to reset the Helix?

    Then load your backup (I hope you made one before the update).

    Reboot the Helix and let it rebuild the presets. Maybe this could fix your problems.

  5. I think, the Helix LT driver you saw, is the only one you need. (I had another Line6 Helix driver in the list, but I can disable it and the connection still works.)

    What happens, if you connect the Helix and turn it on? Does it show "connected"? Maybe you can enable it (rightklick)?


    If this does not work, I would unplug the Helix, uninstall the driver with USBdeview.

    Then start the HXEdit installer again and just install the drivers, as suggested by datacommando.

  6. Helix responds to traditional MIDI CC and Program change messages from an external MIDI device.

    This allows you to recall setlists, presets and snapshots, and you can control the looper, the EXP pedal and the footswitches (stomp mode) via an MIDI controller.

    (>last pages in the manuel). But I think it's not possible to tweak a patch via MIDI.


  7. Sometimes USB connections are a strange thing. Tried switching the port?

    I can recommend the tool USBdeview. You can view the status of the drivers.

    When the Helix is connected, it should look like this:



    If not, you can try to manually enable the device.




    If that does not work, I would uninstall all Helix software again(make sure the Helix is not connected and all audio/line6 software is closed).

    Then use the USBdeview to check, if Helix drivers are still installed. If so, you can uninstall it with this tool. I would also remove drivers from unneeded USB sticks and hard drives (too many different device drivers for a USB port can cause connection problems).

    Reboot the pc and install HXedit2.81 again.


    ...I don't know, if this solve your problem, but it has often helped me with USB connection problems.



  8. But if you set the output to multi, 1/4-Out and XLR-Out should sound the same.

    I don't think the loop has something to do with it (test it by deaktivating the loop).

    Because it works on the other presets, I would guess the preset is faulty.

    ...Maybe you have a clean Path2 in the preset and the XLR-Output is accidentally activated?

  9. 1 hour ago, DunedinDragon said:

    My guess is this is the same situation i ran into when I tried to connect HX Edit 2.70 to a 2.80 updated Helix unit.  When I investigated the Helix USB device driver in the Windows device manager it had an error which stated it was unable to run.  Switched the Helix unit back to the previous one with 2.70 and HXEdit and the device driver worked fine.


    Sorry if I misunderstood something. But Helix Edit 2.7 and the included USB driver does not work with 2.8 Firmware. Why didn't you install HX Edit 2.8???

  10. 9 hours ago, RayKrome said:

    The Helix itself will not restart completely, nor will it show up in the Edit as a "select device to update"... now what? 


    Have you reinstall HX EDIT 2.81? All drivers and the updater are included in this package.

    I had the the same issue with 2.8(no divice found in the updater and Helix stucks at "Entered Update Mode!").

    It's caused by an USB driver issue. Close all line6 and audio software. Turn off the Helix.

    Uninstall all Helix software and reinstall the HX Edit 2.81 software.

    Reboot your computer. Turn on the Helix and start the Updater again.

    If it still does not work, try switching the USB port. Try to hold F6+F12 at start. If all else fails try updating from another PC


    ...There are some other topics about this problem in the forum.

  11. Same number of foot switches, but I think the LT does not have a 10-Switches mode in the settings.

    What do you mean with:  "it doesnt work well with the Helix LT". Can you edit the patch? Then I would just reassign the footswitches.

  12. If you don't have an iPhone or something with USB support, you can use a stereo return block at the end of the signal chain (you can mix it with the guitar signal) or you use a separate path(e.g. path2B - Input: return1/2, not multi - Output: as you like), then you have "a separate audio stream". For stereo you need an Y-audio cable 3.5 mm Stereo jack to 2x 6.3 mm mono jacks.

    ...In a separate path you can also select the AUX as input (but the Helix AUX is only mono)

  13. 2 hours ago, subseauk said:

     I can't see and therefore don't know how to assign the pedal is there anywhere where the setup can be shown without being a rocket scientist?

    Select your Wah block and press the button next to the SAVE button. Then you can select in the menu Bypass Assign > Switch.

    There you can test, if the pedal works without the Toe switch. Then you can narrow down the problem


  14. 19 hours ago, subseauk said:

    Not in the scribble strip, in the window above the pedal ( it shows Exp1 in a Dot matrix and Exp2 in solid white figures!!

    The scribble strip means the window above the pedal, sorry for missunderstanding

    But even in a new clear preset the % value should increase in this window, when you step on the the pedal.

    Does this work in a new preset?

  15. 5 hours ago, subseauk said:

     I tried the pedal and no increase on the % was seen.

    In the scribble strip? Then something is wrong. Maybe a firmeware bug, I hope no hardware problem.

    I think you should see an % increase at the scribble strip even if the wah block is not activated.

    ...But you can control the volume with the pedal???

    Have you tried the Bypass Assign settings > You can also activate the pedal without the TOE switch. (you can specify % value for activation)

  16. I have a similar problem.

    I use the stomp(upper switches)/snap(lower switches) 8 switches mode.

    When I press a bank switch, I can select a preset via the lower switches.

    From time to time it happened, when I have selected a preset, it still shows the preset names and not the snapshots.

    But I don't have to reset global settings, only a reboot. I think there is some bug in 2.81

  17. 15 hours ago, johnfrancis said:

    What worked for me (only a couple of my Presets seemed to be affected) was to use HX Edit to change to another Snapshot. Click on the error message that resulted (this makes the message disappear) and SAVE the Preset. Do this for each Snapshot in turn. Tedious, but much quicker than recreating the Preset from scratch.


    I had the same problem with one of my presets(...fortunately only one)

    For me a setting of the presence parameter of an amp block caused the problem in the snapshot so I removed it.

    Clicking on the error message and save the presets works too. Thanks!

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  18. "HTTP Request error" means, the updater can not connect to line6/internet.

    (I get this message, when I have internet connectivity problems. Login issues cause a different error message)

    Check your firewall/anti-virus settings. I think it blocks something.


    ...and don't forget:

    8 hours ago, HonestOpinion said:

    If you are trying to upgrade take backups first and then download and unpack the latest HX version, "HX Edit" 2.81 from the download site. Don't try to update your firmware with old HX software. 

  19. 19 hours ago, HansHelix said:

    During my helix update from 2.71 to 2.81 a failure occured:

    I did a back on Helix Edit.

    Then I updated Line 6 Updater and probably forgot to update Helix Edit.

    Then I started the update from 2.71 to 2.81.

    The announced break at the middle of the update lasted for 14 hours. Thats why I turned everything off.

    Now the Helix edit doesn`t recognize the Helix. The Helix shows: "Boot failure, Entered Update Mode.

    How can I stop the Helix showing "Boot failure................"?

    What can I do now?


    No panic. Uninstall Helix Edit 2.71 and just install Helix Edit 2.81(mark all drivers during the installation process).

    Turn on the Helix and start the update again.


    ...if you are still having problems try another USB port or annother computer

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