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  1. 4 minutes ago, requietus666 said:

    uninstall all previous hx edit, hx usb drivers, all updaters. install hx2.80. launch updater. that should solve. it least did for me, I was having exactly the same notorious "50% problem"


    solved the problem for me too

  2. 12 minutes ago, enjalt said:

    Did you at least read or follow the procedure mentionned at the download page?


    They're pretty clear about what (or not) to do 


    Yes I read and follow the procedure mentionned at the download page.

    But some other users(me too) also had issues with the update. It stucks at 50% for hours and nothing has happened or a message was displayed that the update failed.

    Most users helped a reboot and the update was completed in minutes. For me I had to reinstall the drivers again.

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  3. Try to reinstall the drivers or the complete Helix2.8 package. For me this helped.

    Windows lost the drivers during the update process (I don't know why) and the update stucked at 50%.

    After this I had the boot failure screen and no connection to the Helix. But the reinstall helped and I could finish the update.

  4. 1 hour ago, Digital_Igloo said:

    For anyone with a 2.80 update that freezes halfway through (ASSUMING YOU'VE BEEN FOLLOWING THE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS HERE). This appears to be primarily affecting Windows 7 users. Shut down, connect Helix to a different USB port, and run the installer again. That should get you up and running. If not, contact Line 6 Support.


    Update stucked at 50%(Windows10). Helix wasn't regonized after the reboot.

    I had to reinstall the complete HelixEdit2.8 package, because something happend to the drivers during the update process(error in the windows device manager).

    But now it works.

    ...great update by the way


    53 minutes ago, PierM said:

    The new option to use the rotary joystick to move back and forth along the path, IT IS AMAZING!!! No more pain clicking left and right and turning the rotary by mistake...

    Best new feature ever!!! :)

  5. 1 hour ago, Geeman said:

    I read somewhere, maybe on TGP, that if you rotate the metal foot switches and press them several times they would "self-clean" themselves. 


    I  have already tried the "self-clean". With a little luck, it can clean the contacts by quickly clicking on the switch several times. But for me it worked only a few days or weeks, than the problem came back.

    ...I hope line6 finds a better solution for future products


  6. 16 hours ago, litesnsirens said:

    I had my helix in recently and had a footswitch trespassed replaced...I suppose if this is going to be an ongoing problem I should learn to fix it myself.


    With a little technical skill, opening the case is not that difficult.

    If the switch is not totally broken (you "only" have the double press problem) and you are not good at soldering, I would try it with contactcleaner/deoxit spray first.

    This worked really well for me. I had 2 failing switches that have been working fine for almost 2 years after "repair"

  7. Without using a snapshot it's difficult or not possible, i think.

    Maybe if you have a free path, you could insert a split A/B(Route to B 100) in front of the delays and a Merge block after.

    So you can bypass both delay blocks with a 3rd footswitch. Or you use a 3rd switch to control the mix level of both delays.

    But both delays have to be active befor.

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  8. I'm glad that line6 still develop new functions and I understand this takes time for the different pieces of hardware and software. Thanks for your work!

    ... I have taken my chill pill ;)

    But I can understand why some people get impatient. The update offers some interesting new features and it was announce for spring 2019.

    Now we have summer and we have not received any new information yet. There should be time for a little message (..."we have some problems and need until the end of july" e.g.)

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  9. I also had the "double press" problem with my Helix Floor. Contact cleaner works for me, but you need to open the Helix and the footswitch to get the cleaner in the right place (be careful only use a bit). Don't try to spray the cleaner from the outside. You will not reach the right place and can damage other things like the LEDs.

    There is a small tactile switch under the footswitch and there you have to spray the contact cleaner.


    (Sometimes it can be helpful to press the switch several times quickly to eliminate oxidation/dirt inside - for me, that only helped for a short time)



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  10. At the moment you can only see BPM in the global settings (see post by silverhead). Maybe the new update(2.8) will bring some new features for you.

    " Tempo IndicatorPress TAP/TUNER to enter a new tempo. The scribble strip (Performance View on Helix LT) briefly displays the entered tempo "


  11. 5 hours ago, loydall said:

    Does such an amp exist? 


    That's my question.


    I was looking for a good amp for my Helix for a long time.

    Then I invested in a modular stereo FRFR amplifier system called Blueamps Spark Full Stack  (it's a german website and I don't know if he delivers to other countries)

    It is a "little" expensive, because it's custom-made. But I'm really happy with this amp.

  12. On 3/30/2019 at 4:09 PM, stefannickel said:

    Könntest Du mir noch sagen welche die besten Custom Presets für den Helix sind?

    Fremen - Glenn DeLaune - Choptones - etc. etc.?


    Ich benutze meinen Helix momentan noch ausschließlich über meinen guten Studio-Kopfhörer,

    wahrscheinlich werde ich mir demnächst noch Studio-Monitore dazu kaufen...


    Ich spiele auch über Studio-Kopfhörer oder über nen FRFR-Amp.

    Aber ist halt schwierig da Empfehlungen zu geben. Die Fremen gefallen mir persönlich ziemlich gut.

    Ich hatte aber auch schon presets, die sehr gut bewertet wurden und sich bei Youtube super anhörten, aber bei mir dann total Kacke klangen.

    Am Ende muss sich da, denke ich, jeder selbst durchprobieren und für sich selbst entscheiden, was gefällt und was nicht.

  13. On 3/26/2019 at 5:23 PM, stefannickel said:

    Könntest Du mir noch sagen welche die besten Custom Presets für den Helix sind?

    Fremen - Glenn DeLaune - Choptones - etc. etc.?

    Von Fremen und Glenn DeLaune habe ich mir bisher schon das ein oder andere Preset geholt. Die Fremen finde ich echt super, die von Glenn sind ganz OK, so richtig anfreunden konnte ich mich aber nicht damit. Du darfst dir allerdings von den Custom Presets auch nicht zu viel versprechen. In den Hörbeispielen klingen fast alle immer spitze. Allerdings sind diese aber auch mit einem bestimmten Equipment aufgenommen. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass man das selbige (gleiche Gitarre/Amp/Finger...) zu Hause hat ist eher gering. Das Preset klingt daher bei einem selbst dann doch oft enttäuschend anders. Kling halt bei jedem immer etwas unterschiedlich und die Geschmäcker sind ja bekanntlich auch verschieden. Daher gibt es auch kein "bestes Costum Preset"...wie gesagt, die Fremen funktionieren bei mir ganz gut und waren ein guter Ausgangspunkt für eigene Sounds.

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