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  1. My favourists of those I have testet so far are the Fremen presets. Mostly I use a FRFR-amp or headphones. The presets sounds really good with my equipment. But it's difficult to say which are the best sounding custom presets, because another guitar or amp can completely change the sound and it may sound bad for you.

  2. On 1/5/2018 at 4:34 PM, DecayingWings said:

    I recently bought Helix LT. I've been extremely disappointed in it. I can't get a decent metal tone out of it. Like EVH type of stuff. Or Metallica, Megadeth etc. I even bought some IR:s from OwnHammer. Bought EVH cab, some Engl cabs etc. Doesn't make much of a different. Sounds like absolute garbage. Been trying out Engl model with EVH IR and different high gain heads/amps like 5150 and Soldano. They all suck pretty badly. Also tried to put Tubescreamer in front of the amp.


    You could try the FREMEN amp-packs. It costs some money, but this guy makes some really good metal tones(some of the few packs that are worth buying, in my opinion).

  3. The 1-switch-looper, you can use like an effect block in stomp box mode. So press the switch once starts the record, press it again plays the record, press it again to overdub, ...  (of course you have to assign a bypass switch)

    When you activate the 6-switch-looper block you leave the stomp box mode and you can control the looper wich 6 switches (rec, stop/play, undo, 1/2,...)

  4. 3 minutes ago, Thark said:

    I don’t think it will matter which you use for left and right. Swapping them back and forth will just move things from left to right and vice versa. 

    Yep, it doesn't matter, it just swaps left and right

  5. If you like to use the pre amp and the chorus of your amp I would connect it like that (don't use an amp/cab block then):

    Guitar > Helix Guitar In

    Helix Send 1 > Amp Guitar Input  (...insert a mono send1 block in the signal chain at the beginning or after a distortion pedal block f.e.)

    Amp stereo FX send (left/right) > Helix Return 1/2   (insert a stereo return 1/2 block with mix at 100% in the signal chain after the send1 block)

    Helix 1/4 out (left/right) > amp stereo FX return (left/right) (...make sur the global setting for the 1/4 out signal is instrument not line)

    make sure you have no mono blocks after the return 1/2 block


    ...otherwise you can connect the Helix 1/4 out (left/right) to your amp fx stereo return (use an amp block but no cab)

  6. On 1/24/2019 at 3:50 PM, codamedia said:

     Painters tape and a marker! It's worked for decades and kept the biggest of professionals happy. 


    On 3/13/2019 at 6:38 PM, cruisinon2 said:


    This bears repeating... not everything requires a technical solution. 

    I agree. I just take a CD marker to mark my volume settings. You can remove it with some alcohol cleaner if you have to.

  7. For me the stop button still stops when I left and return to the looper. So maybe you have a bug - Have you tried a reset?

    ...Do you have the problems only in Looper mode? Maybe it could be a technical problem with switch, so that sometimes it makes doppelklick?

  8. On 3/8/2019 at 8:25 PM, mjlee25 said:

    I don't think that will do what I want. If I do that, if I play a note, I will hear the entire note dry, and mixed with that I will hear the same entire note, delayed, with reverb applied to the the entire note. So I will hear two notes, each with its own attack, which isn't what I'm looking for. Or am I missing something? 


    If your outboard reverb has a Mixer control, set it to 100%, too(so you have only the wet reverb signal on path 2). Then it should work. Use the path mixer to add more or less reverb.

    But if  your reverb has no mixer this is not going to work.

  9. I would use a split path after your amp block. On one path you insert a simple delay and the fxloop. Set the delay Mix and your reverb Mix to 100% (than you have a delayed signal without the dry signal on one path). Then you can mix the paths as you like.  ...I don't know if that's what you want?

  10. On 2/21/2019 at 10:18 AM, malhavok said:


    I have tried it. It gives me an identical sound at a different volume. I'm wondering if you accidentally have a mix param assigned to EXP or something.

    Same for me, volume pedal at the very end of the chain gives me an identical sound at a different volume.

    Can you upload your preset for testing? Maybe you use a stereo tremolo block and a mono volume block, an assigned mix param or something?

  11. 18 minutes ago, Thurston9 said:

    Thanks Peter! I don't understand completely, but will play around with those settings and figure out if this is my issue.  I have a feeling this could be just the ticket!

    For example, if you set the headphones monitor settings to multi, than a volume drop is normal when you switch the output from multi to 1/4 or anything else.

    ...but it should still be loud enought

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  12. On 2/8/2019 at 5:29 AM, TTRESHH said:

    I'm glad to hear that my stupid WD-40 idea was busted at start. Thank you

    I will try to search post by Chad about footswitch cleaning and shAre link here.

    I used a contact cleaner spray, which I once bought for my car. But you cannot simply spray in a small gap around footswitch button. I had to open the helix and the switch to get the spray to the right place (only a little bit!!!).  I had problems with 2 switches from the beginning. Since the "repair" 3 years ago, they work without any problems.

    ...For example, you can use the WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner Spray, but don't use the WD-40 Multi-Use product.

  13. On 2/12/2019 at 11:43 PM, Thurston9 said:

    I was just playing around with it and there is a significant volume drop when I switch the output from multi to 1/4 or anything else.  What's the deal here?


    Have you tried to change the global settings for the headphones monitor? ...So if you use 1/4 in the preset then use 1/4 in the global settings, otherwise the signal will be mixed with the muted XLR.

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  14. It's a contact problem in the switch. I had the same issue with another switch. I opened my Helix. There are little micro switches under the foot switches. I used a little bit contact cleaner spray on it. Now everything is fine.


    Back when 2.20 was released, I remember someone putting a video up on Facebook showing it, and nearly every comment was like, "I don't hear anything...".


    I wonder if the gap is more pronounced with certain blocks or if there are multiple blocks are assigned to a footswitch...


    I have some presets, where are multiple blocks are assigned to a footswitch. I think the blocks are not switching exactly at the same time and this causes a short noise/lag. If you play a song with many little distorted solo riffs, it is quite annoying. So I downgraded my helix.


    But it's OK, line6 will fix it. I hope that there will be many updates with new things in future!

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