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  1. Hey guys where is the fully loaded bundle my licence manager has it listed there and i run the install but when i run the pod hd500x edit it doesn't show up?


    what am i doing wrong?


    I've seen a vid and I should have orange or 80 but its not there

    Bogna shiva isn't either?


    any ideas I'm doing something wrong I know I am


  2. Hey Guys I'm trying to set up my fire hawk to my  my backstair ht-5r. I've connected up using 4 cable set up.

    • guitar to guitar in
    • firehawk out to fx return on amp.
    • fx send to fx return on firehawk
    • FX send to input on amp

    Now when I play the guitar the amp sounds are that of the presets but I want to use the valves of the amp and not all the presets what do i need to do


    currently the fx sounds are going through the amp and it bypasses the amps valves


    please help

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