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  1. I love the bell-like, chimey sound of a les paul with both pickups on - like the sound of the intro to the Beach Boys "Surfin USA". ( I know it wasn't a Les Paul, but that's the sound)

    The Variax 700 really nails this sound, but the JTV69 , at least the one that I am currently trying out, is lacking in this.  I know these JTV's have had numerous flash updates - did the HD update change the original JTV models?  Would the originals sound like the 700?



  2. Is it possible to power a Variax 700 by plugging a Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply into the 9-volt clip in the battery compartment using a 1spot  adapter?

    I once powered a Variax 300 using just a 1Spot + adapter plugged into this clip with no problems..........

  3. Is it possible to open Gearbox in X3 mode and create a 2 tone blend patch WITHOUT the X3 connected?  I've tried this, and can't get past the first steps.... when I select Dual Tone, and go to tone 2, I can't

    get back to Tone 1, and whatever selections I make in one tone appear in the other.....

  4. Ok-

     I set up my FBV using the Line 6 FBV Control v1.03 software, connected to the pedal via USB.

    Switches A, C, and D were set to "No Assignment".

    Switch B was set to toggle MIDI CC 26, to turn the compressor on/off on the XT.

    Then I disconnect the Pedal from USB, plug the pedal into the XT, and start pushing the footswitches.


    All they do is change patches on the XT.


    Where have I gone wrong?



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