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  1. Totally depends on the output of your patches, desk gain etc. best thing to do is play around, find what will work for you situation, I personally run about 80% with Pod set to line level out, but my desk gain is low so i could run with less output if i wanted to, just sound ok how i have it... I guess i hear more Pod than my desk in this situation..

  2. Hi, Sure you can, on the helix itself, select the snapshot you want to edit, locate the parameter, as you change the parameter press the dial in you'll see 2 white brackets appear surrounding the parameter, this has not been selected as a change in the snapshot, ... DONT FORGET you need to save your new preset!

    Heres a great bit of info for you.. I'm terrible at explaining things!





  3. On 5/1/2016 at 7:18 PM, DarthHollis said:

    It's Road Cases USA 32x16.  I sometimes wonder if the extra $40 for wheels and suitcase handle would have been worth it.  It weighs about 50lbs.


    That's not a wah pedal, it's the Mission expression pedal that is built specifically for Line 6 stuff.  It has a much more real feel for whammy and wah effects.  I can't use it for wah, just because of having to switch it on with the other switches but it works great.

    Dead old post but.... You can set the wah to activate when you move the pedal from 0 upwards..

     Advanced issues found
    1 hour ago, rd2rk said:

    1) Expression pedal 1/2 switch
    2) XLR Out Line/Mic switch on startup
    3) Broken Presets

    4) LA Compressor at end of chain loses volume intermittently

    5) FS2 fails to reflect Bypass status after switching modes

    6) Thump when loading preset with Kinky Boost ON

    7) Audio gap when changing cabs with snapshots



    OK, this is me apologizing for claiming only 2 bugs. After reading the Bug sticky (the proper place to put bug reports), there's apparently a lot more than I'd noticed elsewhere. Not a lot of show stoppers, but if you're using Helix professionally, enough to consider the wisdom of updating before at LEAST 2.81!




    There are few more too, But good advice, lots of folks been waiting to try this update, me included, Like I said I rolled back, I was pretty sure I would have to anyway.. . I was trying it out to see if the wait was worth it..

  5. 4 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    575 words to tell us how if only L6 let everybody in the world be beta testers (as suggested in a previous rant) then this horrible crappy update would've been SOOO much better, but L6 doesn't care, just a bunch of incompetent money grubbers. The only people who like this upgrade are amateurs (bedroom and church players), and here come all the brown nose butt kissing "protectors of the realm" to hate on poor me for having the nerve to tell the unvarnished truth!


    You just don't get it. DI keeps a list of everybody who posts mean-spirited, know-it-all, critical rants. The SW is designed so that when they (you) try to install it, it fails and has all sorts of bugs, thus confirming your speculations and contributing to your sense of your own personal worth. How many companies care enough about their customers to do that? And for FREE!


    BTW - my update was flawless, my Helix runs (and sounds) better than ever, and the two actual bugs that have been reported are IMO, NBD. But then, I'm just a lowly amateur and obviously a brown-nosed protector of the realm.


    Love you Mark!

    Ah.. Cheers, Glad you replied.. Love you too

  6. I'll admit it I was one of the guys screaming for Line 6 to get there finger out and release this update, of course, they didn't take any notice and none of what I said or any of the other excited customers were screaming either, we got slammed and shot down by all the 'protectors of the realm', don't get me wrong here, I really like my helix, ( I don't love it ) As a tool to get great tones for my gigs, I'm a part-timer I do around 2-4 gigs a week in pubs and clubs and can make a few quid to pay for our cars or holidays, its a nice income stream, I'm not a full-time muso I do have a decent 50hr per week day job too. Helix suits me, as for me its good balance between costs and quality, I enjoy using it and thus far has been as reliable as my POD2, XT Live!, HD500X, it was a natural upgrade, I use the Helix direct to my FOH, I don't use and foldback and have no amps on stage, basic... I know my gear well though, I've been doing the above for over 20 years successfully. So this 2.8 update that they have rolled out... mmm, I did upgrade but quickly rolled back as its not ready guys... And I can see many people are using it successfully, maybe they don't use their gear the same as myself for example and so they won't see the bugs the whole upgrade process was incredibly slow, and even stopped halfway through, ( expected but not good ). My experience with the 2.8 release os one of disappointment, the platform runs slower, and yes tell me I'm wrong, but I know my gear and my helix runs slower with 2.8, L6 has managed to break several users Units with this update, maybe pilot with a few errors but many aren't, they appear to follow the instructions (how many pages). We are supposed to be thankful that L6 is giving us this for free according to some folk on here, they still don't get the concept of 'We bought a platform!' how else do we use it, L6 has an obligation to there customers to make sure that the rollouts are as trouble-free as possible, who beta tested this crap? don't tell me the 'L6 Ambassadors'? a few brand loyal consumers.. I honestly think that L6 beta program is to blame, L6 has a lot of users that really know the gear well but don't comment on here or TGP, users that play and use the gear for real every week.. not in a church or bedroom but on a stage or studio for cash... these are the guys and gals that can tell you if there's an issue anywhere with the platform, I'm sure some of the beta testers also do these gigs but I know for fact that some of them do not, 

    So for all of the folks that think L6 is giving us these updates for free, Line6 have sold a platform (operating environment)that they have control of, they don't sell upgrades because consumers wouldn't buy into the platform without updates.. Think Android and you're nearly there..

    How about all those that said they'll release it when its ready... They haven't...

    Those that think its amazing.. MMmm no

    Those who rolled back... Good on ya


    Ready for the onslaught of hate.. check




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  7. 5 hours ago, codamedia said:

    This really isn't earth shattering, or important. But I was just wondering....

    If the 2.8 update is meant to UNIFY everything, why is Helix Native only at 1.8

    • I do realize that Native came later than the floor/rack/LT.... but it's been around longer than the Stomp (and possibly even the Effects) yet both of those are at 2.8. 
    • It can't be because it's software... HX Edit is 2.8

    I would think if you were going to unify everything, you would start by giving everything the same revision number so identifying different versions would be extremely obvious. 



    Yep. I'm having the same issue in my head too... I rolled back anyway.. 2.8 doesn't work with my helix very well... 


  8. 12 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    Yes, I did the 7+8 reset, then restored my custom presets from backup.

    I'll try a full reset ... I have rolled back now.. got a few gigs this week but maybe next Monday...

  9. 7 hours ago, litesnsirens said:

    I've noticed the same thing.  It's really apparent when using the 1 step looper.  In fact, now when you clear the loop by doing a long press after stopping the loop.  The ring stays lit. Last night after clesring then doing new loops a few times I heard a pop and then no sound from helix at all. After restarting the helix the sound came back.


    Thats not good, looks like a few bugs still in there...

    Are you rolling back?

    Did you update presets?,

    I kept my original and haven't done a full reset... or loaded up new presets..

  10. 5 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    Don't know about the looper, I never use it, but the ON/OFF functions are still instantaneous.

    Did you update presets?,

    I kept my original and haven't done a full reset... or loaded up new presets..Might try it..


  11. Anyone else notice 2.8 is less responsive when switching effects on and off? on Helix Floor, .. switch indicators maybe even block state is deffo delayed enough for me to consider a second-foot press in a live gig, generally, rely on a mixture of visual and audible keys ensure I'm where I need to be on the board, but the delay makes me hesitate .. I'm sure this happened on another update sometime in the past and was fixed...


    Anyway Rolling back as don't need any of the new features currently I'd rather be confident on stage..






  12. Helix FLoor 2.8

    Recently updated, Noticed on gig last night that there's a significant delay in the state if the footswitch when in stomp mode,  if i hit say, a screamer, the light indicator is clearly delayed, only by milliseconds but long enough me to consider if I have actually pressed it whilst mind is in gig mode...

    I seem to remember this had happened before could have been 2.7 and was fixed in 2.71

    Not 100% sure that the switching is as quick, I'll prob roll back as using mine live 3-4 time per week currently, anyone else seen or noticed this?

  13. Thought part of this update was to unify the code? 

    I am talking Beta too and not Alpha, so any issues should be pretty minor if L6 have had their heads on...  by the way I have no clue how L6 compile their software releases, I'm an AV manager at a Uni, and a weekend warrior

    I'm being grumpy too as I'm an impatient customer... hate to say it but it puts me off buying L6 stuff. I got excited about My HD500X too and they killed it at 2.6.. really wanted it to get more goodies. They still sell them too.

    That's my rant for this hour...

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  14. Why dont L6 have a beta program.. it's not like they're ahead of the game anymore, or hiding anything from the users.. suppose if you dont show off your Helix skills on a Basefook page or Suetoob channel you ain't in the club... they could learn a lot from real users that use Helix for more than videos, not that I have time to beta test but imagine how much quicker the releases would be if they had 1000 beta testers, not  a few youtubers..


  15. 14 minutes ago, rd2rk said:


    Your point is very clear. You're the BOSS, and you're angry that L6 isn't giving you what you want, and even angrier that you can't fire them. BUT YOU CAN!

    Show those lazy unprofessional L6 monkeys the door by buying a Fractal! That'll show 'em! Teach 'em how a proper troll.......errr, BOSS, handles ungrateful employees!


    I already have a Fractal... 

    And a BOSS lol... But its a good point... I wonder if L6 would appreciate your advice.

    The Helix is a great floor unit.. and IMO sounds as good as anything else out there, I include AxeFX and Kemper in that.

    I'll stand by my comments, L6 relies on the fanboys to fight their corner... And I do think they're a little slack.. and a little ignorant, (they have their favorite fanboys of course) Very rarely make any commitments to users,  but again they don't have a 'professional' product yet so my comments may be hasty, development with pace is essential for a current software-based company and they don't do this very well.. IMO


    I'm not angry at all, I just have an opinion, and am simply wondering if L6 could give some indication or roadmap for end-users. that seems to be a reasonable request.

    Again please don't think I'm angry or upset, I have no emotional attachment to them whatsoever.. it's business.


    BTW love the L6monkey drop!



  16. 6 minutes ago, BBD_123 said:


    Imagine the panic at Fender if Leo had insisted that actual real amps got developed professionally fast :-)


    Helix firmware isn't a YouTube channel. Chiding it for not spewing the new fast enough is a misplaced criticism, imo. Unless there are specifics you want addressed, in which case it's a different conversation.






    You still on my misplaced grammar... Mr. Perfect BBD.. as stated I do apologize,  I'm slightly at a disadvantage when it comes to word games as I'm dyslexic, 

    Thank you for letting the world know however that Firmware isn't a youtube channel.. very wise.. I'll make a note for my staff

    If you're not interested in another release why are you even reading this thread?


    Anyway.. looking forward to the release, and will hold off the purchase of my third Helix until I see it...

  17. 3 minutes ago, rd2rk said:


    And your point is?


    Point is id be very surprised to see Helix hit V3.0.. thought that might have been pretty obvious?... Even if I am wrong...the point seems clear?

  18. I think the point most of the eager peeps are getting at is that whilst yes we are happy with all the routing etc. etc. same old record.. we're looking for some advancements, we're ready for the next installment form L6.. I'm glad the 'happy as we are' crew don't work within my company, resting on laurels is a sure fire way to be shown the exit door... whilst L6 rests those Fractal guys are busy!... Be warned..bragging rights will be revoked, boys!


    Haha. Feel like a troll now..!

  19. 30 minutes ago, BBD_123 said:


    Apples and oranges. Where's the template for 'professional speed' (which is meaningless, as stated) in the modelling sector? Citing your own authority straight after a logical fallacy of false equivalence is not persuasive.


    As pointed out earlier, this is baseless moaning couched in flawed rhetoric.


    No not fruit... Perhaps my choice of wording wasn't quite as you would have liked BBD... Unfortunately, I'm dyslexic and don't have your gift of grammar... I can, of course, have an opinion and choice, my authority is partly guided with that but not entirely, Where does your authority come from to call an individuals opinion 'Meaningless' and to be quite frankly rude?


    Perhaps I chose to enter the wrong forum... clearly any opinion which differs from L6's isn't welcome here..



  20. 1 minute ago, BBD_123 said:


    This is a false framing. There exists no template for 'developing [modellers] at a professional speed'. What does this even mean? Asserting that a product doesn't match some arbitrary and nebulous criterion is more than a little pointless. As for continuing development and support, IIRC L6 has stated that Helix has plenty of life in it yet - as in years.


    Not at all, the template exists in other sectors too, Line 6 relies on the patience and generosity of its customers and fan base to tolerate their product development pace and roadmap, I have been fortunate enough to have 2 successful careers I can accommodate in parallel, one of those is as an AV architect, so I deal with the  Yamaha's, NEC's, Panasonics, Crestron's, LG's, Sony's in a very competitive market, part of my role is to make the decisions on which manufacturer to purchase from (via distribution on some), I always consider the product roadmap essential to these decision-making process, If I'm told/promised about an update or new feature/firmware I expect it, and I expect it to be delivered swiftly, quite demanding I know.. but as I said.. successful .. I have no problem dropping a manufacturer based on a service issue, or loss of confidence.

    This doesn't even start to discuss bug reports from firmware releases,  again L6 have their own pace and company ethos when it comes to this kind of the rollout, imagine if Apple or Microsoft updated at the same pace...

    'IIRC L6 has stated that Helix has plenty of life in it yet - as in years.' -- Where did you get 'years' from that statement? was that an official L6 statement? if so link it...


    Again just opinions and personal expectations, to be fair L6 are not really 'Professional' rather thigh end consumer, BTW I don't use L6 for any commercial work as they don't offer a 5-year warranty, which is a minimum for our contracts.


    I still think the Helix sounds great, just not supported quite as I think it should be...


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