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  1. I agree with all of that... If support is dropped at any point soon we as a consumer are entitled to an EOL notice, I'm still on the fence whether to buy another unit (probably Stomp).. for a fly out rig or opt for the new Fractal.. they clearly have a roadmap for there products and offer far better update program.. IMO
  2. Updates are part of a product life cycle nowadays, When I purchased the Helix I did so on the assumption that we would receive a good level of aftersales updates, just like when I purchase equipment by Crestron for example, I buy on the confidence that the team will deliver the updated features requested it is part of the 'digital package' we purchase, If we only paid to say £300 for the kit I would argue we got what we paid for... Line 6 Sold this a pro product, think they need to start developing at a professional speed to make sure customers don't wonder... These are software after all said and done regardless of the hardware running them.. Do you feel the same way about your Smartphone, Mac, PC? its the same kind of digital sales model.. I do wonder for how much longer L6 will continue to support the Helix though it's getting on now.. Just my opinion...I'm been happy with my Helix floor for 3 or 4 years can't remember when I got mine now, it was the second delivery into the UK...
  3. Yes I did this with my 500X, you can also use the HD's loop to split post and pre & get really complex amp model combinations or use IR's Live with the HD (wicked!) not to mention MIDI control....
  4. Well, the update went well, but can't believe that L6 didn't spot the latency issue in stomp mode. I play in stomp mode almost exclusively and with 2 or 3 gigs a week the minor bug becomes a real pain in the lollipop... I've tried to set up the snapshots but there are issues there too with to as the colour LED's are always lit... oops L6 bad update boys(& Girls) you had lots of time to test this too... anytime on these fixes or shall I dig out the 500X for a while or maybe my old TS9 and EchoPark...? Hate to moan at L6 but this was a bad one.. at least for me... I still have faith in you guys and look forward to the 10 new amps and 20 new FX you'll include as compensation (wink wink) haha.. ;-)
  5. I agree... All the soft amp modlers ive tried suffer somewhat because of this.. I use focusrite Saffire pro and it still doesnt quite feel right.. the latency is fine though.. maybe L6 should put a DI box together with a USB out which features the inpeadence circuit, doable?
  6. Will it have a stand alone app or just plug-in? Im thinking ill be crafting my tones in the studio while the gear suffers the cold in the shed... British Winters...Brrrrrrrr
  7. This doesn't look like melting glue.. rather hot glue which goes on as a hot melted plastic and cures to look like this during manufacture.. its very common on this type of connector and i wouldn't think that this is your problem..
  8. Your screen can only display 1024 x 600 pixels, quite low by today's standards i doubt you can overcome this without some screen overscan scrolling which is horid.. Check the bay for an old thinkpad or something dead cheap and a decent screen size... *** EDIT*** Just had a quick look and the edit window is scalable... my bad.. should be fine if a little cramped in there.. check your font/icon size settings..
  9. Marvelous... cant wait.. getting excited.. cancel session with chiropractor... Tidy studio floor... ;)
  10. No technically true.. If im testing Expressions etc i like the Helix on the floor while selecting different blocks etc. Toe down switch is a gizzard to switch with my palm... Just anther reason i could use the editor..
  11. Wow... I bet the Easter Bunny will bring it... :unsure: I think i heard this before
  12. Its Official.... My backs broke.... Come on line 6, Gig preppin from the floor is doing my head in.. yeh i know i can edit with my feet but its not as natural.. i need the board on the floor and the edit screen at eye height just while im selecting my rig.. HOW LONG GUYS? you could at least give us an ETA so we can decide if we can wait for the software or edit on the deck... eh?
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