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  1. 3 minutes ago, JTruelove said:

    Firmware is one issue. To update firmware is to fix or improve the core abilities of a products current hardware.

    The Helix has firmware and within its capabilities was signal routing and DSP capabilities, that when it was released, reshaped the way all companies planned their future products.

    One of the key features, of DSP capabilities that Helix sold, was the selection of component base modeling. In the very beginning Line 6 had to choose how they would supply future models. Would they sell packs of models to customers or provide the new models free of charge. They chose free support of new models ( which should be independent of firmware updates ).  The customer reactions to each set of model releases has kept the Helix active on forums and YouTube as well as in publications. This is great for future sales (and of course the Line 6 introductions of spin off products adds to the fervor).

    It is my observation that searches for Line 6 products along with YouTube videos, articles and forum activity have all seemed be be diminishing the longer Line 6 takes between New Modeled additions for the Helix line. Yes owners of the various products are split in what seems to be posted. Some are willing to wait patiently for Firmware improvements, seeing new models as nice but not as important as bug free operation. Others are eagerly awaiting new Models that would help more closely emulate the styles or sounds they are looking for.

    Again, New models should be easier, quicker  and independent of firmware. Nothing beats the ability to try out thousands of dollars worth of equipment in multitudes of combinations conveniently like the Helix.

    More models of cool products, even Line 6 originals that cant be found in real world devices, that is what I think will keep Helix a talked about, center of musical tone discovery tool that will fit into guitar, bass, keyboard and vocal discussions and arsenals. More models more often!

    The expectations of firmware is entitlement only to the extent of : Has the companies promise of advertised features been met by existing software or is further programming required. In this respect I think that Line 6 has met its public responsibility and any further firmware just shows the respect that Line 6 has for its products and the customers that support them.


    Thats my two cents.

    I agree with all of that... If support is dropped at any point soon we as a consumer are entitled to an EOL notice, I'm still on the fence whether to buy another unit (probably Stomp).. for a fly out rig or opt for the new Fractal.. they clearly have a roadmap for there products and offer far better update program..



  2. 7 hours ago, DunedinDragon said:


    Okay...seriously speaking.  Many of us paid $1500 and you paid $1000 to get all of the benefits we waited for (and got) over the last 4 years including features like snapshots, an HX Edit that allowed you to edit your patches rather than just save and restore them,  and multitudes of various amps and effects.  Updates aren't something we're ENTITLED to, it's something they graciously provide us with for free.  So how about instead of whining you enjoy all the features you've got, and never had to wait for, and give them whatever amount of time they need to provide a rock solid, non-entitled, expansion of features rather than a rushed out, bug-laden atrocity just to appease your curiosity?

    By the way, summer doesn't start until June 21 when the Sun reaches it's northernmost point.

    Updates are part of a product life cycle nowadays, When I purchased the Helix I did so on the assumption that we would receive a good level of aftersales updates, just like when I purchase equipment by Crestron for example, I buy on the confidence that the team will deliver the updated features requested it is part of the 'digital package' we purchase, If we only paid to say £300 for the kit I would argue we got what we paid for... Line 6 Sold this a pro product, think they need to start developing at a professional speed to make sure customers don't wonder... These are software after all said and done regardless of the hardware running them..

    Do you feel the same way about your Smartphone, Mac, PC? its the same kind of digital sales model.. I do wonder for how much longer L6 will continue to support the Helix though it's getting on now..

    Just my opinion...I'm been happy with my Helix floor for 3 or 4 years can't remember when I got mine now, it was the second delivery into the UK...

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  3. While we’re all waiting for the v2.50 Firmware to drop, I may kill some of the time by patching my old HD500 into the FX loop on the Helix. That should give me an idea of what the update will be like, although without those tasty ‘verbs.


    Oh, no! That would use a single send/return block to let me link 8 legacy effects together before hitting the Helix!




    Then, with that set up, I’m only missing out on those slinky, detailed reverbs - I really don’t need another Marshall clone.


    Anyone tried this with a POD HD500, or an M13, or something else?

    Yes I did this with my 500X, you can also use the HD's loop to split post and pre & get really complex amp model combinations or use IR's Live with the HD (wicked!) not to mention MIDI control....

  4. Well, the update went well, but can't believe that L6 didn't spot the latency issue in stomp mode. I play in stomp mode almost exclusively and with 2 or 3 gigs a week the minor bug becomes a real pain in the lollipop... I've tried to set up the snapshots but there are issues there too with to as the colour LED's are always lit... oops L6 bad update boys(& Girls) you had lots of time to test this too... anytime on these fixes or shall I dig out the 500X for a while or maybe my old TS9 and EchoPark...?

    Hate to moan at L6 but this was a bad one.. at least for me... I still have faith in you guys and look forward to the 10 new amps and 20 new FX you'll include as compensation (wink wink) haha.. ;-) 

  5. The bigger issue is the input. Very few audio interfaces have Helix's level of A/D conversion and op amps and almost none have its 123dB of dynamic range, digitally-controlled analog pad, gain-staging, and dynamic impedance circuit. We're just waiting for all the people plugging into cheap audio interfaces (or worse, the 1/8" input on their laptops) to say "It doesn't sound nearly as good as Helix!"

    I agree... All the soft amp modlers ive tried suffer somewhat because of this.. I use focusrite Saffire pro and it still doesnt quite feel right.. the latency is fine though.. maybe L6 should put a DI box together with a USB out which features the inpeadence circuit, doable?

  6. I have a Samsung N150 Plus notebook.   It's been perfect for backups and updates and such.  I don't want to buy a new laptop that is just going to be a Helix editor but I have this feeling.....


    Your screen can only display 1024 x 600 pixels, quite low by today's standards i doubt you can overcome this without some screen overscan scrolling which is horid.. Check the bay for an old thinkpad or something dead cheap and a decent screen size...


    *** EDIT*** Just had a quick look and the edit window is scalable... my bad.. should be fine if a little cramped in there.. check your font/icon size settings..

  7. Still on track to release the Public Beta this week sometime. Anything could happen, but it looks good.


    Marvelous... cant wait.. getting excited.. cancel session with chiropractor...  Tidy studio floor...  ;)

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  8. HAHA. That's what you get for multitasking.


    EVERY FUNCTION IN HELIX is available to edit on Helix itself. 


    There is not one single function that you have to have the Editor to do, and not one single added extra bonus parameter only available with the computer editor


    No technically true..


    If im testing Expressions etc i like the Helix on the floor while selecting different blocks etc. Toe down switch is a gizzard to switch with my palm...


    Just anther reason i could use the editor.. 

  9. Its Official.... My backs broke.... 


    Come on line 6, Gig preppin from the floor is doing my head in.. yeh i know i can edit with my feet but its not as natural.. i need the board on the floor and the edit screen at eye height just while im selecting my rig.. HOW LONG GUYS? you could at least give us an ETA so we can decide if we can wait for the software or edit on the deck...



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