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  1. On 11/14/2019 at 7:36 PM, rpalmer3 said:

    Hi, any luck yet? I am also one of many that have this issue and have tried everything.


    Just bought a new Win10 PC with only USB 3.0 ports and no 2.0. I guess I'm out of luck bcoz it keeps on crashing with the blue screen of death. Line6 doesn't give a damn about this issue...

  2. On 10/25/2019 at 10:32 AM, hurghanico said:



    The connection between PC and POD can be lost for several reasons like:
    - disconnecting physically the device or turning it off while the PC is still turned on..
    - the ASIO driver buffers settings can't handle the system requests in a given moment and the driver hangs/crashes..
    - bad USB cable or USB ports,  etc.
    - USB 3 works bad with PODs (use always USB 2 only ports)




    All about POD HD500/X

    help and useful tips


    These are really good suggestions! Definitely use USB2 ports and not USB3

  3. 18 hours ago, overdub said:

    Glad to hear you got your POD problem solved. For me, the problem was solved but only at some unexpected expense. That expense was, first, get RID of my formerly beloved HD500, immediately followed up by purchasing a brand new HELIX. Problem solved. 


    I hear ya! It's a shame Line6 has no concern whatsoever!

  4. 16 hours ago, overdub said:

    My HD500 causes the blue screen problem as well...and it's been going on now for about a year.  I still don't have a fix and I've tried so many different possible fixes that I'm tired of trying.  Despite that, I NEED to get the HD500 and my laptop to make up and be friends again.  They worked together nicely for close to two years...but then came the BSOD crash!  Days later it happened again...and then again but sooner.  It kept getting more and more frequent until now I'd be lucky to get 5 minutes before a crash.


    My workaround has been to replace the HD500 with an ancient Toneport UX-2, which runs beautifully with no crashes whatsoever.  This proves that the problem lies with the HD500 itself or possibly some driver conflict.  Everything is up to date, BTW.  That was the first thing I checked.



    So finally after days of agony and frustration I have finally seem to fix the issue with crashing Win10 when connecting to HD500X. Just to let you know I had called Dell support but they couldn't help. Called Microsoft support, had several sessions with their tech support for the past 3 weeks and still they couldn't figure out why it was crashing. So as a last resort I had to do this:


    I reset my Win10 from the settings menu (with option 'keep your files'). Well, Win10 was reset but half of the essential apps that were suppose to come with Win10 were now gone missing. Finally found a way around to get the Win10 updated again but this time from the Microsoft website directly. This time had a nice and clean install and all the apps appeared again in the system. But now Line6 Monkey wouldn't work after I reinstalled it,  and it would only give me an option to connect to PODxt. Plus my Google Chrome wouldn't load any pages and was not able to install some other apps from the MS Edge browser. Something fishy was going on. Almost two days of frustration and playing with the firewall in Windows Defender still the problem wasn't solved. Then lo and behold, I found that this piece of s*** McAfee anti-virus was still running in the background although it was not being displayed in the systems tray. Tried to uninstall it which pretty much failed because you know it's McAfee. So I had to manually stop mcafee services from the Task Manager and then delete all mcafee files and folders from under Program Files. But that wasn't enough either. I also had to manually delete all the registries that had 'mcafee' in it by doing 'regedit' as I didn't want any traces of mcafee on my system. It was a very long and tedious process but you may not even have to do it. 


    So I hope this issue is fixed for good. You can try these two things in order:


    1) Uninstall any bloatware kind of anti-virus from your system (such as McAfee). Kill the services and processes of it and then try to see if it still crashes when you connect to POD. (Windows Defender is much better than all other ant-viruses that I have seen. And it's free) 

    2) If above still doesn't work then reset your windows. 


    Hopefully the issue will be solved.



  5. Hi,


    I've been trying to find a solution to this but haven't been able to. I have bought this new laptop with Win10 but as soon as I connect POD HD500X via USB the computer crashes within a few seconds with a blue screen. I have tried different ports, updated the drivers, taken out all other USBs connected to it, but nothing has worked so far. I've seen there are other people who are also having the same issue. Has anyone figured out the fix for this? Thanks in advance!

  6. 11 minutes ago, hurghanico said:


    In your case I reccomend to use absolutely the cab models with the POD output mode set to Studio/DIrect.

    As I said in my previous reply, I reccomend also to use the full amp models, at least for now,.. later if you want start making new experiments..


    Also, and this is very important advice, with each amp model you want to use try all the 8 mics available, to find the one which sounds better with your equipment.

    Finally, make judicious use of the drive setting, possibly compensating with the adjustment of the output volume level of the amp model, since many problems often encountered by users are caused by bad regulations of those parameters in particular



    All about POD HD500/X


    Great advice. Thank you for all your help!!

  7. 2 hours ago, hurghanico said:


    powered PA speakers are totally different than power-amp/speakers made for electric guitar..

    PA monitors should be theoretically not coloring/flat response

    (if they aren't so, what they do to the final tone is nothing good in most cases)..


    on the other hand real power-amp/speakers specifically made for electric guitar are not flat response at all and they do color very much the final tone usually in a nice way (actually they represent the bigger part of it), in this case using pre-amp only models with cab model disabled to fed them would be the advisable solution..


    if you use the full amp models, the original power-amp/speakers specifically made for electric guitar are nicely modeled and already included in the models,

    therefore in this case a flat response not further coloring system to make just loud those full amp models is all it is needed, like decent PA monitors or keyboard amps, and the POD output should be set to Studio/Direct..


    obviously you can do any sort of experiments and mix and match things as you like and then use any of your best findings as long as you are happy with the results, but if what you want now is a good starting point based on consolidated successful common practice, follow the above advice



    All about POD HD500/X

    Thanks for your response.


    The PA speaker I'm using is pretty flat. Do you recommend using a cab model or disable it?

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