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  1. Two thoughts:


    1) "Signature models" of anything tend to be comically overpriced. Add some fancy electronics, and God only knows...though time will. But I wouldn't expect it to be cheap.


    2) Frets are like brake pads...they're a consumable part. Unless you go stainless (which I highly recommend), sooner or later you need a grind and polish, and eventually a re-fret. Stainless frets will eventually wear too, but their lifespan is MANY times longer than traditional frets. The first guitar I put stainless frets on was about 4 years's a daily player, strung with 11's, and there's hardly a mark on them. Still 98% of the mirror finish they had on day 1. And while you can expect to spend $200-$300 for a re-fret (that's for regular frets, stainless will typically cost a bit more) it's still a fraction of what you'll spend on this thing.

    I totally agree with you on both points and to be honest, a lack of colour choice is a bit of a turn off in my opinion. I will most likely go down the fret dressing followed by the stainless re-fret route, the only trouble is that I am miles away from civilization in northern Spain and no one I know can recommend a decent, local within reason, luthier, so it's probably going to have to wait until my usual summer visit back home to England, unless by any chance there is someone on here who is from my neck of the woods (Asturias) who could throw me a line/name.

  2. I went through a similar scenario with mine using a Rode NT1 (no hot plugging involved). I opened a ticket and Line6 were extremely swift with the turn around. Trust me, you are in good hands. Hope you have the same experience with their CS, if not better. I have never played so much in my life after buying the Helix/JTV59 on the list is an L3T then my wife and kids will never see me again.... unless they take up some kind of instument.

  3. I am the proud owner of a JTV59 and love it to bits but. after a year the frets are well worn. might need a back up before I am playing a fretless! I like the looks of this! What do you guys rekon to it?


  4. I hope I don't offend OP by hijacking his post..... but could anyone confirm the gig bag that came with their Variax. I have just bought a JTV59 (2014) and was fully expecting the grey double pouch version, but it came with in black with a single exterior pouch. No big deal as I plan on getting a SKB56 hardcase to lug around (I personally don't fancy risking damaging a 900€ guitar in a 30€ gig bag), but just curious. Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes.

  5. Rafa Kas is from my neck of the woods, Gijón I believe. Well, I opened a ticket on the Helix and was told to the contact service centre to get the previously pefectly functioning wahwah and wonky knob sorted. I truly don't want to be without the Helix again for another 10 days or so. Has anybody dared to lube their own? Fukuri have you got yours back?

  6. It's a real pity about line6 QC. The products would be amazing if they didn't have so many problems related to quality issues. Last year I had two HD500X one after the other had faults from new so back they went. Then, when I heard about the new Helix I thought I would give Line6 another chance and got the JTV59 (faulty toggle switch/occasionally selects models at random) and the Helix, which as you know has its history. That's four different products,each one problematic. And when a product is "serviced" it comes back with two more added problems. All I get from opening a support ticket up is "contact your service centre" loss of confidence in Line 6 products and customer service. Not a great advert for a supposedly serious professional company with Yamaha connections I would have hoped for better. Personally I can't honestly see me risking buying anything else by Line6 due to my experiences with them. Maybe I have been unlucky. You guys decide.

  7. Mine had a mic input issue, it was sent back to a service centre 500kms away and after a week or so it came back with a wonky phones knob and a wah pedal that sqeaks and clunks like hell. I opened a support ticket and was told to send it back to a service centre.... but I am concerned that will it come back with more issues as that was what happened the first time. Should I or should I not?

  8. Mine had a mic input issue, it was sent back to a service centre 500kms away and after a week or so it came back with a wonky phones knob and a wah pedal that sqeaks and clunks like hell. I opened a support ticket and was told to send it back to a service centre.... but I am concerned that will it come back with more issues as that was what happened the first time. Should I or should I not?

  9. Acabo de darme cuenta de qué quizás he ofendido un montón de gente ahora mismo.....Ooops. Pero me temo que es verdad, hay una parsimonia cojonuda aquí en España. Un día espabiláremos. How long were you living in Madrid? I'm up in Asturias and have been for some twenty-odd years or so. Hasta la próxima amigo.

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  10. Oh, don't go giving with one hand and taking with the other. We want it all and we want it now! You guys are supposed to be supermen. I am absolutely convinced you can and will meet ALL of our demands.

  11. Fukuri sorry to hear you are still in limbo, hang in there it is worth the wait. I have had no contact with the Line6 service centre here (emailed them once to find out about status after a week of them having it but got no reply whatsoever), Everything was left in the hands of the dealer, which initially took nearly a month for them to address the problem (Spanish have two set speeds, slow and paralyzed) but in all fairness once it was at the service centre they were quite quick with the repair, which was the installation of a new input PCB board. On my last contact with the dealer they mentioned that I must not use a preamp (which I hadn't done) and to make sure my mic cable was not faulty (worked and still works with my DAW set up). I bought a new mic cable and was at first very worried about it all hitting the fan again. I connected everything up before powering up the Helix, then went into global settings and turned on the phantom power and then set up a basic patch and finally tweaked the mic gain up to +12db because it was on the quiet side and I have had no more problems so far (touch wood). So I'm sorted at long last .....just got to sort out the sqeaky wah wah, the wonky phones knob and the toggle switch on the JTV59!   

  12. Digital_Igloo..... you have just opened pandoras box, old boy. Haha. Shall I set the ball rolling or will it get me banned. EDITOR!!!! ......please. No pretty please or even pretty please with bells on.

  13. I'm going to have to give it a whirl Crusinon2, but I am worried about damaging something. I have a Charvel Jackson Model 4 , which I have had from new and it has recently developed crackly pots, I read about someone ruining them by spraying the wrong type of contact cleaner on, so if you don't mind, could you suggest a particular brand. I live deep in the mountains of northern Spain so actually getting hold of anything is a challenge at the best of times so it's going to have to be via the Internet. A massive thanks for the help. Cheers.

  14. All good things come to he who waits. Anyway, talk to your audience more or neck a swig or three of beer. 22 seconds isn't too long, or that's what the wife thinks!!!

  15. I have just spent about five hours annoying anyone and everyone within a 500m radius by sing along with my guitar. Then my eight year old grabbed the mic sang for a while, discovered the reverse delay and proceeded to learn "naughty" words backwards.


    Yes, good people, I HAVE a fully working Helix, albeit with a wonky knob and an annoyingly squeaky wah wah pedal, but Nirvana is a mere squeak and a wobble away.


    May God bless my poor, poor family, friends and some of my less hateful neighbours.

  16. I have opened a ticket on both issues and will let you all know how Line6 responds to this. But for now I just want to spend some time getting to know the unit before it has to go back to the service centre. Haha.

  17. Oh by the way. I hope the other couple of guys on here with the same issue got theirs sorted just as swiftly and are giving it to the neighbours full on!


    Cheers for the input and all the best.

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