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  1. Well guys and girls, I got mine back today. Which credit to line6 was a fairly quick turnaround. They put a new input PCB in, but I haven't tried it out yet as I want to get a new mic cable as I am extremely aprehesive about using the same one and something going wrong again. Although the cable and mic work perfectly well through my DAW I'd prefer to err on the side of caution rather than go through the pain of sending it off again. Time to get some playing done at last!!! On the down side the expression/wah wah pedal has developed a horrible squeak and a weird clunky click mid sweep and the phones volume knob came back slightly wonky but working as it should if a little stiffer. I should hopefully be able to get my hands on a mic cable tomorrow and will share the results with you and hopefully stop my moaning once and for all. Fingers crossed.

  2. I would really appreciate some "official" guidance from a Line6 member who could chip in with some advice other than sending her off 500kms across the country for some minor tweak that could be performed at home. By the way I am of course most grateful to Crusinon2 for his suggestion, but I don't want to go squirting stuff around just yet.

  3. My new JTV59 has on two occasions completely lost it and decided to change models randomly (not done it again recently) and now the three-way toggle switch intermittently cuts out on occasions when changing from pickup to pickup but comes back to life if gently tapped (maybe a loose connection?). I had opened a support ticket up but Line6 gave me a list of support centres to get it checked out, the nearest being some 500kms away. I really don't want to send it back to a service centre here in Spain as I don't even like my guitars being breathed on by others (they already have my Helix due to a faulty mic input) and sending it by courier worries the hell out of me. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and fixed it without the need to send it back to a Line6 service centre. Many thanks in advance.

  4. My Helix has been at Line6 for a week now and it apparently needs a new input board to replace the faulty one. The dealer says that it could be a minimum of two weeks before I get it back, which may mean that I will get a fully working Helix four months after initially laying out my cash on one. What's more my brand new JTV59 has the dreaded toggle switch of death problem! Hurray for quality control.

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  5. Hi line6hunter, Yes indeed, I got the list through. I am just waiting for line6 (Spain) to send me a new one. Paid for back in November, promised for Christmas delivery, which never happened, came mid January, fault reported on second day of use and still no news.... well at least I have my JTV59 with the intermittent toggle switch problem to play with. I actually love the products, just not the hassles with the dealer and their lack of interest now they have my hard earned cash. If you have any suggestions on rectifying the toggle switch problem I would be more than grateful as I am totally reluctant to let it go back to line6 Spain (my guitars don't like to leave home alone, if you can understand that) Please don't take what I say as attacking line6 or the products as when they are working perfectly well I am 100% sure I will be over the moon. It's just turning into a bit of an epic saga. Thanks for the interest.

  6. In my humble opinion that is totally unacceptable and to be honest slightly pathetic from Line6. It's clearly a manufacturing fault/Quality Control issue that they should deal with at absolutely no cost to you, the customer. We could and should probably accept and understand that with any new products there are always going to be certain teething problems, but the fact you are having to pick up the bill for something that clearly ought to rest in Line 6's hands is frankly shameful. I sincerely hope they don't try that on with me... that's if they ever get around to sorting mine out. Still no action after having reported the issue to both Line 6 and my dealer on the 14th of January. Not good enough.

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  7. No. I have been waiting since the 14th of January for some kind of solution from my dealer here in Spain but nothing seems to be happening. Must admit I feel pretty deflated at the moment I had opened two support tickets, one for the JTV59 which was randomly switching models but now seems to have settled down and one for the Helix mic problem, but I was told to contact dealer or a local service centre and not much else. Hope you have more luck. Apart from the negatives I must say that I love both the guitar and the Helix and hope that both Line 6 and my dealer get their heads together and resolve my frustration in the not too distant future.

  8. I bought a JTV 59 and the Helix mid January and both have issues. The JTV started to change models randomly on two seperate occasions in the first week (seems to be behaving itself for now.... fingers crossed) and the Helix has no working mic in, which I opened a ticket on and reported to my dealer on the second day of use and I am still waiting for a solution. Not a happy bunny! But even though there are teething problems, once resolved you would have to prize both products out of my cold dead hands to get them off me. Playing more than ever!!!

  9. I have exactly the same problem. This is the second day I have had fiddling on my new Helix/JTV59 and I plugged in my Rode NT1 and at first there was a very low signal then nothing. In the global settings on the ins/outs page both the mic in 48v and the mic gain dials make odd digital beeps while turning what's more the mic in jumps values 0db-9db-12db... (is this the norm?). I have also done a factory reset and no joy. Any clues?

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