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  1. Hi I have a DT25 with a Flasback Delay in the effects loop. I was just using the looper on the delay pedal and went to adjust the volume coming out of the amp with the master volume on the amp. The master volume had no effect at all. I turned it right down and right up and the volume coming from the amp stayed the same. I then tried plugging the guitar straight into the delay pedal and the master volume still had no effect. The channel volume also had no effect on the output either.


    Is this correct? I'm probably missing something here but I would have thought that the signal from the effects loop would go into the power amp and the volume of that would be adjusted by the master volume.


    The Low Volume switch makes no difference. The volume of the amp is fine and I have just carried out a reset. I have tried plugging the guitar straight into the effect return and get the same thing the master volume has no effect on the volume.


    I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation, but I'm a bit mystified!

  2. Phil,


    Thanks for your reply.  What you are saying makes perfect sense.  I suppose that not having used pedal before I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I suspect that it is the particular OD pedal that I'm not getting on with to get that "sound in my head". Interestingly when I had the Flextone 3 I treid that with an Ibanez Tubescreamer and didn't feel that added much that I couldn't get by selecting another amp model or tweaking the gain.  Since i had 36 presets on the Floorboard, that always seemed a better solution at the time.


    I'll return the OS2 and keep looking for the Holy Grail! 


    Thanks again.

  3. Hi,


    I have had a DT 25 for about 18 months after many years of live Flextone 2 and Flextone 3 plus Floorboard "enjoyment". I changed to the DT25 not just because of the way it sounds but also for the simplicity to get away from the complexity and constant tweaking habit that I acquired over the years.  I have spent the last 18 months in tone heaven with my guitar plugged straight into the DT25. Plug in and play, very simple and rewarding.  For this reason I didn't get and don't want to get a Pod HD.  I do access the other amp models using DT Customizer occasionally but generally prefer to play rather than tweak these days!


    However I thought I would try using a couple of pedals to add to the range of sounds I can get on the fly without having to bother with loads of pre-sets.  So I bought a BOSS OS2 (Overdrive Distortion) and a TC Electronics Flashback (Delay). I have put the Flashback in the effects loop and I'm very happy with the tone (pretty much neutral) and range of delays it can produce. A brilliant piece of kit. 


    I'm having a bit more trouble with the overdrive/distortion and this is where I would like some opinions. It is hard to describe the results, but on clean channels it sounds quite thin and harsh and on the distorted models it doesn't seem to do much apart from add some faint overtones/harmonics.  I have tried loads of different settings to dial this out and I realise that tone is highly subjective. This could be just the way these type of effects sound (haven’t needed one before) and I'm sure the pedal itself is very good, for what it offers so this is not about the OS2, my question are:

    1. Is it worth using an overdrive/distortion pedal at all with the DT amps since it’s possible to get some great overdriven/distorted tones from the built in models?
    2. Do overdrive/distortion pedals work OK with digitally modelled pre-amps?
    3. Has anyone on the forum found an Overdrive/Distortion solution that they use effectively with the DT Amps? If so what do you use?
    4. I realise the an overdrive/distortion pedal should go in front of the amp, but has anyone tried one in the loop and if so what are the advantages/disadvantages?

    Thanks in advance, all advice gratefully received.



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