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  1. And I'm so sorry for going on about having something I purchased from line 6 that doesn't work for hundreds of people right out of the box. I'm guessing that line 6 has a lot of "users" that defend them on these forums as do a lot of companies who need people to say good things about them.

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  2. Maybe it solved your problem but it did not solve mine. It is not a software issue. And as I have said I have no faith in line 6, I use their crap to practice with never to play live, I don't play live with cheap crap.

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  3. Harsh? What's harsh is selling something for that price that does not work. I have been using their stuff for 15 years also (never live because they aren't good enough) and when they are less than $500 it's one thing, no harm no foul, I can just throw it in the junk pile, when you want to charge what legitimate companies charge for a product the one thing it needs to do out of the box is work. It does not. Save your line 6 homer comments for one of the other people who can't afford good equipment.

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  4. And why would anyone attack them? It's not like they sold something for $1500 that basically is a paperweight and consistently does not work right out of the box....oh wait, yes they did!!!

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  5. Yes many people have experienced this and worse. Complete volume drop out. Line 6 removes many threads and replies to make it look like it's an isolated problem. When I spoke to Line 6 they told me they had never heard of this problem although I have spoken to many of you via private messages who experienced the same thing. They currently have my helix, will no doubt replace it with another that will inevitably do the same thing. My advice to you is to get your money back and wait for a legitimate company to make something comparable that will actually work.

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  6. So here is an update about the Helix cutting out completely, requiring a reboot while playing live. Line 6 was going to replace it, I waited a week and a half for UPS to pick it up. Then Line 6 reopened my support ticket today and said "Hey Jim, hang tight, we're not replacing it but will be trying to get to the bottom of it thru firmware updating (keep in mind the past 4 updates over the last 2 months have done NOTHING), so hang on to your $1500 unusable paperweight and we'll let you know if we ever get it right!! So anyone who would like to join me in a class action lawsuit please contact me at James dot Siegel at Verizon dot net and you can get your money as well as your pain and suffering back with me. I will be taking action within the next two weeks.

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  7. Not sure whether this is a bug, or a hardware issue that just happens to coincide with my upgrade today to 1.04.2. My #12 footswitch, the one directly to the left of the Tempo footswitch, is no longer consistently turning on and off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I have multiple blocks assigned to this footswitch. This is the one I generally assign to my distortion pedal so I can no longer reliably switch from lead to rhythm. This is happening on my saved presets that I have reloaded after the Global Reset procedure. I have yet to test it on the factory presets. Have a gig coming up so I am not too happy. If anybody who upgrades to the 1.04.2 firmware starts having this issue please post back here. Otherwise I will assume this is a hardware issue and unfortunately get the unit swapped out (hope another one is readily available). Really hoping this is either a firmware issue or an issue with restoring user presets with multiple block assignments as having a footswitch go bad in the first month of light use does not bode well for switch durability unless this turns out to be a rare case. Bumming me out 'cos I love my Helix :(


    Btw, the Helix App 1.02 is still having issues with restores If your presets are not all contiguous it is putting User presets blocks back in the correct preset slot but puts the preset's name in the first empty slot, such that the preset's blocks end up in one preset slot and the preset's name in another (with no blocks). This of course necessitates you having to rename all your presets.

  8. Never cut out without pressing the toe switch on the wah pedal. But yes I have had it cut out while playing live, when I pressed the toe switch. I also had to reboot the device to get it back which is very problematic when you are in the middle of a lead and are the only guitar player. I then tried it at home and it would do it 9 times out of 10. I also tried it on a patch without the wah or a toe switch active for any parameter and it still cut out which leads me to believe it may not be software related but you never know. I wanted to return it but I am letting them replace it first. I will keep everyone posted.

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  9. Nope. Went to a patch with no volume and no wah (no expression what so ever) in it and when you press the toe switch the same thing happens. No sound till reboot. It is definitely the flimsy design of the expression pedal with regards to the inner layout. You can feel the expression pedal flex and the inside of the unit as well. i looked on the bottom of the unit and think I found the problem. There's a huge "Made in China" sticker on it. Again, my fault, should have expected nothing different.

  10. Helix didn't make it to the gig! Turned it on this morning, full 1.04.1 update in place, presets restored, and sound output was shut off as soon as the wah pedal toe switch was pressed!! So to be clear for the support team: 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 AND 1.04 ALL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. I used custom user patches as well as line 6 patches and ALL PATCHES HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! I did some playing around and believe the problem to be in the flimsy foot pedal design on this thing. You know the one, that squeaks, rubs, feels like it's breaking! Yes' that's the one! If I reboot it and depress the toe switch with my hand it seems to be fine. If I stand up and use my foot it shuts off. Also occasionally it will work right after a reset as long as I keep my foot on the expression pedal. I rock it back and forth, engage/disengage, play for minutes and it stays on (if it works), but as soon as I take my foot off of the expression pedal and then try to use it again, when the toe switch is pressed it shuts off. Very strange. Good job line 6! Great collection of fake sounding amps and minimal effects, now all you have to do is get it to work!!! Good luck, mine is going back and I'll never buy anything over $400 from you again, but after this I don't think you'll be making stuff over $4-500 again! You found your niche', cheap, fake, crap.

  11. Thank you for reposting this, I thought I had read it, but then searched for it and got the standard "No results found" for every search I tried. Like I said this device is becoming a full time job. I can't see any access to any adjustable or "greasable" points without opening it up. The response I have gotten from Line 6 to my wah no sound post is the standard, "did you do everything exactly as posted, and if not the one step (which may be that I sneezed between step 3 and 4, which may have caused it all!" I will be using it one last time WITH update 1.04 for a charity event WITH many other musicians this weekend and if it does anything but work perfectly it will be sent back for a refund after letting every single person there see what a piece of lollipop line 6 is selling for $1500. This is even bad for Line 6 which is saying a lot because honestly I don't expect a lot out of any modeling company except that it produces a sound, it doesn't stop producing a sound, it doesn't break, it doesn't sound like complete garbage, it doesn't require hours of my own time for any amount of money under 2k, which lets face it, this does in every single aspect.

  12. I have updated to 1.04 and so far no sound drop out when wah is turned on. The wah pedal is however now squeaking and making mechanical noises so.....Also after the update there was a significant difference in the sound in every patch pertaining to level and my delay being overdriven. So much it required every patch to be tweaked so that it would stop happening. Not sure what happened or if it was changed during the update but in the 4C method had to decrease the level going into my return. This is becoming a full time job.

  13. Same exact issue live last week. Firmware 1.03, I'm going to try to recreate this week and then update to 1.04 and see what happens. If anyone has a fix or knows why this happens please reply.

  14. I played live last night for the first time with the helix and something happened that never happened before. I have played for hours setting it up and practicing but when I turned the helix on it worked pretty well for an hour then at one point I kicked on my wah and the sound stopped. I turned it off, modulated the pedal, hit other switches, there was no sound. I turned on the tuner and it was getting signal from my guitar, turned it off and still no output. I then power cycled it and it came back on UNTIL I tried the wah again. I moved the patch, deleted several blocks thinking it was a memory or a DSP problem but as soon as the wah was touched, all output was gone. I looked thru the forum and see nothing. I am running 1.03 but in the 1.04 fixes nothing is mentioned. I can deal with a lot of things but total mute cannot happen especially reauiring the 30-45 second reboot. Anyone?

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