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  1. I'm not sure you can do it with the hardware unit - I'm pretty use midi control over the helix hardware is limited to things like changing global parameters/patch changes/tempo changes/etc, but not to the level of controlling individual parameters on blocks - although would be very happy to be proved wrong on that. I'll have a watch of the video. I'm using PreSonus Studio One, which has ControlLink, but I'm having a hard time getting the same knob to control multiple plugins simultaneously. I have reaper instaleld but never messed around with it - might be worth having a look, thanks!
  2. I'm experimenting with using my Helix LT as an audio interface. Usually I record with a USB audio interface using the XLR outs of the Helix LT. My audio interface has a knob on it called the "mix" knob, which when full left lets you hear your inputs directly, on full right lets you hear your computer audio/DAW, and obviously you get it somewhere in between to get a good balance between the input guitar signal and the song you are recording to. What's the best way to do the same thing while using the Helix as an audio interface?
  3. I am not building a stereo guitar tone. I am building a mono guitar tone that translates well when double tracked and panned, and therefore would like to monitor them double tracked and panned while sculpting with a single interface for the mono patch that both tracks are running through. As other poster has suggested, it seems the only solution is to use ControlLink in my DAW to assign the parameters of two separate Helix Native instances to the same control knob, and then assign that control knob to a fader on my midi devices.
  4. Yeah, I think this is the way to go. It's a shame there isn't something built into Native to allow it, or a routing option on the LT/Floor. The LT/Floor responds to midi commands for patch changes, etc, but it would be nice to be able to use a midi controller to control the amp settings on one or more amp blocks for tone sculpting. I have a Faderport 8 so I'm now trying to implement this so I can control the amp controls on two native instances with the sliders on the faderport. Just need to jump the technical hurdles and I'm sure it will work. If it does I'll perhaps upload a tutorial on it somewhere because there's nothing out there that I can see, and I can explain to the people in this thread just how powerful a tool it would be!
  5. I'll try to explain again: The fundamental problem is this: guitar tones sound different in mono than they do when double tracked and hard panned. The consequences of this problem are this: a tone that you have landed on/sculpted while playing in mono doesn't translate perfectly when doubled and panned. What I'd like instead: be able to sculpt the two guitar tracks at the same time, while monitoring them already hard panned - turn up the amp's bass control on both amps simultaneously, for example The consequences of this method: guitars will sound exactly like I want them to when double tracked without me having to constantly/iteratively/blindly adjust the tone in mono until it sounds good doubled and panned In an ideal world, the helix native would have a big button on it called "mono input, or L/R input", and if you put it in mono input mode it works as it does now, but if you put it in L/R input more it acts as two instances of the same patch acting independently on the L/R channels of a stereo input, i.e. not collapsing the stereo guitars to mono, but treating them as two independent guitar signals running the same patch which can be adjusted with a single interface and not one separate interface for the L side and R side.
  6. I think you misunderstand me. I know exactly what do to as soon as I know what tone I have decided on. What I'm trying to achieve right now is deciding on that tone, and in order to do that, I'd like to be able to find that tone while listening to double tracked DIs being sculpted with a single instance of helix. Tones sound different in mono than they do when double tracked and panned. So I do not want to decide on my tone in mono, then record it and pan it and find that it's not exactly what I wanted. I want to decide my tone with stereo double tracked guitars, THEN I will record in mono and pan. Forget my intentions - I'm looking for an answer to the technical question "is there a way to affect the tone of multiple tracks running through the helix with a single control". I want to hear two guitars running through separate instances of the same patch, and be able to change both of those patches simultaneously.
  7. Yes, when I am actually recording the final takes, this is obviously what I will do. Two separate recordings, hard panned and then mixed appropriately. I'm not talking about recording double tracked guitars simultaneously, I'm talking about deciding what tone to use for my double tracked guitars, and the processed I'd like to deploy to help make that decision is to record two DI guitars, pan them hard left and right, and then reamp them both simultanously through the same helix patch, which I can then edit while listening to get the perfect recording tone. Many amp sims have a "stereo mode" which does precisely this, so you can tweak guitar settings in one places and it effectively changes the settings on both tracks simultaneously. I'm asking if something is equivalent on Helix.
  8. I'd like to do some tone sculpting in preparation for a project where I need to record some doubled tracked hard-panned rhythm guitars. However, I'm aware that tones which sound perfect in mono can sound very different when double tracked and hard panned, so I'd like to sculpt these two tracks simultaneously while they're hard panned. I'd like to have to DI tracks playing in my DAW, hard L and R, and then shape the tone of both simultaneously by modifying the parameters in a single instance of Helix. I own the Helix Native plugin as well as the LT unit (hooked up via USB, but also can use XLR outs to a separate interface), so am up for suggestions using either. So far I tried reamping via usb with the helix, but any stereo input to the Helix gets summed to mono as soon it hits the amp block, and if I split the L/R channels into different lanes of the Helix, then I can't edit two amp block simultaneously, right? I've also tried to do it with Helix native both by applying native to a stereo bus of the two guitars, but that's the same issue as reamping with the helix - the stereo bus gets summed to mono via the amp block. And if I do it with two separate instances of helix on each track, again I don't seem to be able to control the parameters of both simultaneously. I'm using Presonus StudioOne as a DAW. Anyone have any success with this?
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