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  1. This isn't a beg for help but I found something interesting that really need to be address concerning Bitrate and Hz setting


    So over the years I been using UX2 and it served me very well but I always seem to bump into multiple issues around the bitrate/hz defaulting back to 44,100hz 16 bit in podfarm 2.


    So instead of using audacity I changed to Reaper where it use ASIO to locks it to 48hz 24 bit......great right? No...over the past year I been getting desync to my long commentary gameplay videos. How?gameplay is recorded at 48hz so when synced perfectly it shouldn't drift away but I keep getting this issue no matter what I set it to.


    Today I tested a different audio interface the 2i4 recorded for more then an hour doing commentary and realise it actually perfectly sync when lining up in Vegas Pro....I was in shock so I went back and plugged in my UX2 again and did the same test. After an hour of recording I sync up the gameplay with the commentary and saw it was out of sync. 


    I love all the plugin effects but this issue is just a deal breaker to me. you all may think I'm exaggerating but I keep finding more issues as day goes by. Another issue I had is connecting the UX2 to a DBX 286S. Over a period of time it just randomly goes a lot more quieter, my guess is because podfarm keep attempting to change the bitrate while Reaper is struggling to maintain the set bitrate/Hz


    Finally today I found the true reason why podfarm 2 keep defaulting back to 44,100hz....after all these years it something super simple but quite dumb. In Sound control you MUST set the audio interface to Default device to stop it from defaulting back to 44,1Hz. But that bring more issue to my setup I use my headset to listen to desktop and at the same time I listen to my console audio through Elgato capture software......but due to the UX2 being set to default device, I cannot listen to my desktop unless if I go through jump and hoop to force it to work Virtual Cables and other method.


    I really hope you found this interesting and I really hope the team at Line 6 somehow see this. All I want to do is push out maximum quality audio without sacrificing how I play and worry about issues that come after I start editing. Have a dedicated ASIO panel like Focusrite that isn't interpreted window control panel.


    Thank you for reading.   

  2. So I set my Pod farm 2 at 16 bit, 48hz but when recording commentary for hours and syncing it up to gameplay. The intro to the gameplay is perfectly synced but 20 min into gameplay its somehow de-syncs. 


    All of my commentary files are listed as 48hz but clearly they are not (more like 44.1hz) also when setting podfarm to 48hz its sometime default to 44.1



    Podfarm 2 ASIO Setting

    Default buffer size: 512

    Default Bit depth: 16 bit


    Reaper Project

    project sample rate 48hz

    render resample HQ (512pt sinc)


    Render to WAV 16bit PCM auto wav/wave64


    Not really sure if i'm doing something wrong or Pod farm doesn't send the correct sounds to Reaper. BUT please can anyone help me?  :'(

  3. So I been trying to get a decent tone through pod farm 2, but can't really decided how to improve it


    Pod farm 2 effects I use (also using +18 DB because it sound really quiet) 


    Noise Gate

    Threshold  -40DB

    Decay - 19%



    Threshold  -7DB

    Gain - O DB



    A link to my latest commentary 



    I use Audacity (not sure how to get Line 6 driver to work with it properly) and use a SE electronic 2200a II microphone



    If anyone could help with suggesting effect or programs, It would be very helpful

  4. In Audacity, make sure you configure the audio settings to use the UX2 and its ASIO driver as the audio input and output device. Avoid using ASIO4ALL.


    For a good vocal tone, in Pod Farm do not use any guitar amp. Just use a studio preamp and perhaps a bit of reverb and/or delay.

    How do you configure Audacity with the ASIO driver? 


    Please reply, this sounds extremely helpful 

  5. Sorry I having this minor annoying problem that slowly becoming a huge deal



    When changing the Driver Format in Pod Farm from 16 bit/44k Hz to 24 bit/48 Hz the driver will change automatically back to it default setting when accessing any problem related to the microphone example audacity, OBS maybe even sony vegas.



    Windows 8 is the cause to this problem. How do I know? People who are running the same setup but in windows 7 are able change the Driver Format and have no problems.



    The Damage I received from this

    • I bought Windows 7 OEM CD and it crash my second computer and it won't work now (Also lost my files)
    • When Streaming through OBS to Twitch the audio is static unless change through drivers format but when closing OBS or loading another problem during stream the microphone goes back to static



    Please people of Line 6 can you please take a look at this problem and fix it.



    [ I run a UX2 through Pod Farm 2.5.7 with the latest drivers]


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