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  1. My bands are not THAT loud ;).... A Vintage 30 is a very loud speaker with a spl of 100db! I do not expect to blow a Vintage 30, because its 60 Watts RMS, means it can handle maybe till 100 watts.... Normally a 40 watt tube amp is loud enough for me... So a solid state amp of 75 watts shurely should do the job...

    I just want to know the specs of the speaker Line6 uses in the Spider IV 75. It would me give some confidence.. :ph34r:


    I'm a low gain player... thinkin' of a Line6 Spider IV 75 with a Fulltone OCD drive pedal...


    Because the Spider IV75 is rather small & not expensive ...

  2. Hi,


    What are the specs of the speaker used in the Line6 SpiderIV75, the !2" custom celestion speaker?


    SPL ?



    I'm thinking of purchasing a Line6 Spider IV 75, I'm a bit worried about to get it loud enough in a gigging band situation with heavy drums..


    Would it be helpfull to do a speaker swap, to mount for an example a Celestion Vintage30 in a Spider IV 75?


    Are there any experiences with such a speaker swap?



    ThanX anyway,




    The Netherlands

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