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  1. That's all well and good (that it's under warranty) - but unless you guys have come up with a different design, I'm sure you'll be seeing it multiple times for repairs and for my $190, it will see very little time on stage with me.   How about you ship me a replacement first and then I'll send this one back to you?  At least then I've got half a chance of getting some use out of it.  btw - again - failing in less than 2 months is pretty sad.

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  2. Shame on you guys at Line 6 - seriously.  I guess I'm one of the lucky ones cause I got about a dozen gigs out of my G10 before the micro usb connector broke on me.  I understand that space is a premium when you're designing something like this - but I would think "Effect Pedals 101" would tell you to use a standard 9v pedal adapter that virtually everyone uses for a device like this.  And of course as fate would have it - my 45 day return/exchange to the seller expired two weeks ago.  VERY DISAPPOINTED and out $190.  Any thoughts here Line 6???


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