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  1. So I’m new, ordering a Helix Floor next week. I am confused a little about external computing needs. Am I right to assume I will need to interface with a normal desktop computer to do updates and backups? (I use Mac stuff - are there system requirements) Do I need any special software? Are other ‘operations’ best/easier done on computer, instead of directly through the floorboard? Are there advantages to buying Helix Native solely in order to work with the floorboard?

  2. If I run the Helix and all patches in mono only, are the Left and Right XLR outputs exact mono duplicates?


    In context - I would like to run Left XLR out to the FOH PA, and also run the Right XLR out to a powered FRFR speaker. Are the L and R outputs the same? 

  3. So, assuming you aren’t going direct to PA and listening back through monitors - what is the best conventional amp to run a Helix into? I’m thinking a small combo, something kinda transparent, but what is everybody else using? What about a plain powered speaker (like a PA speaker)?

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