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  1. Hey guys! Help me please with this. The problem is that I cannot edit the presets on the desktop (Line 6 Edit), because every time I press a key the message appears:

    Unhandled exception in AWT dispatch thread
    Type: java.lang.Runtime.Exception
    Message: Non-Java exception raised, not handled! (Original problem: Deprecated in 10_12 ... DO NOT EVER USE CGSEventRecord directly. Bad things, man ... bad things.)

    This same message, in a window for each key.
    On the other hand, scrolling up / down in the presets list gets stuck. And with the first problem, it becomes impossible to select a group of presets.

    Has this problem, something to do with Java? I already installed several versions of Java and I have no solution. I hope you can help me. I love my pedal board but editing presets has become a headache. I'm using an iMac, mid 2011 with macOS High Sierra. 


    Captura de pantalla 2020-09-27 a la(s) 22.35.20.png

    Captura de pantalla 2020-09-28 a la(s) 20.47.32.png

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