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  1. I've dialed in a really great Metallica Master of Puppets clean tone, with one exception. That first strong E note of Sanitarium captures how the real amp sounds, super strong yet lean on the low end. In my case, I get clipping and none of the strong bottom end. I addressed other EQ but can't get rid of the clipping nor the bass response I'd expect.


    Anybody have any insight?

    Did you try lowering the master volume on the amp and maybe the drive a bit too? I had some clipping with that amp with the default settings. I think one of the ribbon mics has alot of low end. Did you try the different mics and distances?

  2. Keep in mind that all stereo fx before the cab will "collapse" to mono since the cab blocks are mono.


    I think it all depends on the sound you are looking for. You could have some fx between the amp and cab and then add some fx after the cab like the post processing you would do in a daw for example.


    Indeed experimenting with that is the best way to go. I personally like my time based fx after the cab most of the time.

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