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  1. I've had the FHFX since release, and played hundreds of shows with it. I never once have bought anything on the basis of 'what it might do in the future', that idea is frankly ludicrous. I used the BT feature plenty at first, and don't think I've touched it or opened the app in over a year. Without it, I wouldn't have gotten as settled with the sounds as quickly as I did - in a working musical environment, saying 'Stop! I need to get my laptop out and play with this preset' is not viable, but a quick tweak with an app is much, much less cumbersome. The Helix family has nailed the inbetween stage - the interface is so quick and simple, and the editor is great if you have a lot of time. 


    Personally, my FHFX has been playing up a little (inevitable wear-and-tear on the footswitches) and I've been waiting for a FHFX-2, that hopefully incorporates some of the Helix's features, and that's why I have the Pod Go on order: it seems, to me, to be the natural Firehawk successor.  

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  2. Have preordered mine, but now have a form-factor question. It looks like the bottom may not be totally flat (seems like there are little legs/feet?), so is there enough flat surface on the bottom to allow this to be affixed to a pedal board?


    Hope so, but the picture attached gave me doubts...


  3. Cool.  Have you uploaded any of your tones?  I'm interested in almost all of the bands you mention.


    I haven't actually, as they're not 'true copies' of the songs sound but rather variations adapted to suit how we play certain songs and EQ'd to suit my amp and guitar as well (eg my tone for AC/DC played on my Tele through a Fender amp would probably sound atrocious on an SG through a Marshall!) - 


    Though 'crazy organ sound' from the tonecloud is the organ noise I use for Doors, Town Called Malice etc, it's pretty cool! 

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  4. don't work for them but you "qualify" as a Line 6 Expert.


    I did LOTS OF HOMEWORK...that is why I bought the Unit.

    I read all the info...but one would assume, being an interface for the PC, 

    that it would include SOMETHING to EDIT WITH!  


    The only thing that the Specs and Videos say is that there is "remote app" for 

    Android and iOS....NOT that it doesn't come with WINDOWS software, being

    a PC interface.


    Whatever....glad you're an "expert"



    I think you have a confused idea of what an 'interface' is - the FHFX does exactly what it's supposed to do as regards being an interface: it shows up in DAWs (and my iMac sound settings) as an input/output - being pissy to the L6 guy doesn't hide the fact that you bought something on the basis of information and hopes you made up. 


    There are plenty of flaws and limitations with the FHFX and I think I'll be changing mine to a Helix or Kemper when I can afford to, but it was never falsely advertised. 

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  5. For me in a covers band, having to go from AC/DC to The Police, to Paul Simon, to Chuck Berry, to Coldplay, to Boston, to the organ noise in Town Called Malice, and on and on, the FHFX is perfectly versatile and works a treat - I love mine. 


    The ONLY thing I would change is adding the ability to run amp-level out of the 1/4" to my amp (ie minus cab sims), along with XLR out to FOH at line-level (with cab sims), as the sound direct out of the unit is superb. 

  6. Interesting read - we've just recently had the first dropout on our V55 and I can't understand why. As far as I can tell it was the only 2.4ghz source in the area (it was a wedding in a converted stable/barn sorta thing, miles from anywhere, with no wifi, and clear line of sight between mic and receiver about 15ft away), but still it dropped in and out for two songs maybe. 


    Slightly concerning! 

  7. I've dropped mine off a stage, had it fall out of its case smack onto its face, and generally stomped all over it, and the biggest complaint is a slightly squeeky volume pedal (which you can't hear with any kind of volume). 


    Oh, and the display isn't bright enough in direct sunlight, but in Ireland this generally isn't a recurring issue ;D 

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  8. I've been using Duracell 2500mAh 'Durablock' rechargeables (the green ones, if you amazon search "Duracell 2500mAh Pre Charged Rechargeable AA Batteries" you'll get them) in our XD-V55 for a while now and they're great - still get about 6 hours or so on a full charge, rather than about 7+ we used to get on 'normal' ones. 

  9. The Firehawk has a line-level output option (little button on the back), so will work at the correct level without the DI - I prefer the 'amp level' sound (this setting removes the cabinet simulation effect) running into my amp, but the line-level into a good PA or monitor (NOT an amp) sounds quite good also :)

  10. Hey Kev I'm not a tweaker either but it seems a reasonable request to have an expression pedal do more than one thing at a time as it does with the M series multifx. For some solos I may want more gain, more reverb, more bass etc. simultaneously. It's just that I'll be doing more tap dancing than I did before!

    Sorry I meant the original poster, not your post - I agree with your ideas there!

  11. Five minutes of googling before you bought it would have told you it doesn't do that though... It's an entirely different thing really - I specifically DONT want to be tethered to a computer for tweaking, I always hated that aspect of multifx, so the FH's mobile, visual approach is perfect for me - I can use my iPad, my phone, whatever, and get my own stuff back from the cloud if I ever need to.


    For what you may lose in sheer depth of settings you more than make up for in ease and speed.

  12. Youre only using 5 tones there, so with a bit of organisation you could easily negate your problem:


    1a - clean with chorus

    1b - clean no chorus




    1c - crunch

    1d - solo


    1d - solo

    1c -

    2a - big outro solo bit


    So you're only changing the bank once? (And with November Rain there's a good break at the start of that outro to change banks...)

  13. Yeah, this would be cool, I love the 1500 as a concept, but I already have the FHFX, so how about an equivalent amp/cabinet without the firehawk circuitry built in, for those who want the fhfx to do the work?



    (I think the fbv3 is lacking for missing the big red button, I use it a lot to change volumes during a set, depending on whether or not I have any lead bits in a song)

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