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  1. Yes - I use my Takemine with mine and it works very well -


    Through the PA/FOH that is, on LINE mode, not so nice through the amp, so the ability to route a patch to either the XLR or 1/4" outputs on a ptach by patch basis would be a very handy feature if you were switching between guitars in a set!

  2. I've been trying to stay with it for as long as possible, I've played maybe 10 gigs with it since June, but I've just about given up. Coming up to the Christmas season I'll be gigging at least once a week so need reliability.


    Have a lend of a TC G-system to try out and on early testing think I'll switch to it. Not as simple or intuitive as FH, but just simply 'works'. Hoping I can trade the FH in somewhere for decent credit on one now.


    I'll never buy without trying again I don't think...

  3. Just noticed the sticky - when is the compatibility update expected to come? My iPad will be forced to upgrade soon to comply with MDM rules in work.


    I've been playing with a 9.1 beta on a different device in work, will try it out and report any big bugs I can find :)

  4. What I would like is someone like Line 6 to make a sort of self-contained pedalboard.   Skip the patches.... I don't need them.    I agree with the posts on closeness of the buttons....But there are 8 buttons now...   Skip the Up/Down and have just 6 buttons, 3 on top and 3 lower, and i can pick ANY effect to be at ANY of the 6 buttons.   Each would have a small screen that I could edit to show basic things like  CHORUS, OD, DISTORTION, COMP.....We could still pick from a variety of effects, but once you pick one, it is a CHORUS, or a DISTORTION, and that is all we need to know on a stage.   I donlt want a picture of a Tube Screamer that I cannot see.   Allow me to decide if there will be AMP MODELING or if I will go straight into my own amp.   This button need not be on the top face. I really don't understand why this has not been made yet.  Every guitar player with a current pedalboard would jump on this.   No cords, no power brick and less weight and size.


    I had the boss me80 which is more like that - it runs in either Memory (patch) mode that's pretty much identical to the FH, but also has manual mode, where each of the 8 or so foot switches controls an effect, including the amp/cab simulation.

  5. Yeah, I don't have particularly big feet but I find the buttons just close enough that I have to take care hitting them - any closer together would be a nightmare!


    Personally I'd make it bigger, two tiered like the HD500x, with a slightly bigger display!

  6. I noticed this at a gig last night for the first time. I don't normally play tethered to the app, but thought I'd run it last night - the app tuner (and the onboard) was useless with other noise, but as soon as I disconnected the app, the onboard worked perfectly.


    It seems to be far too sensitive, in that it seems to be hearing every little noise around it.


    Perhaps we could have the tuner as a block in the chain, and place it after the noise gate? (And if it's a block we could have different types/settings? Poly tuning?)

  7. I'm similar to everyone else - I love the sound of it, and I couldn't ever go back to editing either on a tiny onboard display or trying to wire the thing up and use a clunky program on the computer now that I've been using the FH app. (I've recently owned the boss me80 and the boss tone studio program is awful to use).


    I've the same gripes - the lag has to be no1, along with some software bugs and little things (having to play back a second of a recorded loop before it clears, argh! The very separate output modes - what if I want to send to an amp and to a pa?).


    But these are little things that can be fixed or worked around, and L6 have confirmed they're working on the lag.


    I like mine a lot for what I do (wedding band).

  8. Sorry, it's not meant to be that way. We won't change our songs in tempo or anything else, because Line6 isn't able to deliver a working processor. My patience has gone. I'm waiting 5 weeks for the update now to get the product that was promised. We are customers and no suppliants. We paid hardly earned money for this and got little in return. I'mvery upset.

    The first person I talked to at the Line6 service told me he couldn't reproduce switching noises or delay noises. Ah, O.k.

    So we're all wrong, it's just our imagination.

    Thank you Line6, well done.

    That's not what he said - presumably if you're switching from one patch to another within a song the tempo will be the same anyway...?


    On that though, the android feature of being able to double tap the tempo and enter it exactly needs to be on iOS in order to keep patches at the exact same tempo!


    Thanks for the updates Igloo, we all appreciate them! (except Timmi, apparently).

  9. I caused mine by (I think) changing preset on the device, while it may still have been saving from app -> FH.


    Kinda like taking a usb drive out too soon...


    I'll give your setup a go tomorrow if I get a chance and see what happens...

  10. Hey guys,


    We're currently working on a solution for the too-long preset switching time. Unfortunately, I don't have a date for when it might be released, but rest assured it's something we're taking very seriously.



    I was using mine to recreate awesome 90's Techno Classics synth sounds tonight, so glad to hear I don't have to give up on it!

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